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May 20, 2009

Parliament Brawls

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Fight!  Fight!

Fight! Fight!

Fight some more!

Fight some more!


* parliament: a group of people who make the laws for the country
* brawl: a noisy fight, usually in public
* violence: when someone tries to hurt or kill someone else
* erupt: to happen suddenly or violently
* oppose: to disagree with a plan or activity and to try to change or stop it
* politician: a member of the government
* survey: an examination of people’s opinions or behaviour made by asking people questions
* quick-tempered: become angry very easily
* unnecessary: not needed


Parliament Brawls

In December, 2008, violence erupted when members of Korea’s parliament met to discuss the KORUS free trade agreement. The opposing politicians could not agree. A fight started and lasted for hours. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. [1]

This was not the first parliament fight in Korea., a humor magazine, made a list of the seventeen “best” political brawls on video. [2] Korea, Taiwan, and the United States all had three places on the list:
17. Korea. 16. Nigeria. 15. Mexico. 14. Somalia. 13. India. 12. Bolivia. 11. Great Britain. 10. United States. 9. Korea. 8. Korea. 7. United States. 6. Suriname. 5. Taiwan. 4. Taiwan. 3. Taiwan. 2. Czech Republic. 1. United States.

According to an online survey, Koreans are known all around the world for being quick-tempered. [3] This is one of the reasons why.



Discussion Questions:

1. Do these men make you proud? Why or why not?

2. Have you ever been in a fight? Why? What happened?

3. a. Are there ever any good reasons to fight? If so, what are they?
b. What are not good reasons to fight?

4. What are better ways to solve disagreements?

5. When people fight unnecessarily, how should they be punished?

6. Koreans are known for being quick-tempered. How can we improve Korea’s image?


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