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May 27, 2009

The Struggle to Pay Tuition

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Increasing Tuition Rates

Increasing Tuition Rates

University Student Shaves her Head in Protest

University Student Shaves her Head in Protest



*Tuition: money that you pay for being taught, especially at college or university
*Facilities: buildings, pieces of equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose.
*majority : The majority of people or things in a group is more than half of them.
*Scholarship: If you get a scholarship to a school or university, your studies are paid for by the school or university or by some other organization.
*protest: If you protest against something or about something, you say or show publicly that you object to it. In American English, you usually say that you protest it.
*vast: Something that is vast is extremely large.

The Struggle to Pay Tuition

These days, tuition is increasing, today’s tuition is 10,000,000won for a year. So many students have a problem to make tuition. And borrow money from bank for making tuition.(1)
Though tuition is very high, student well-fare is low. Thus many students unsatisfied with falling behind facilities, the lake of scholarship, but universities don’t try to improve student well-fare.(2)
For that reason, some university students oppose the increasing of tuition. They cut their hair as a protest.(3)
Also, our Inha university have total students vote about same opinion. Recently 51% of Inha university students vote about tuition increases of those who vote, the vast majority were against increases.(4)



Discussion Questions:

Q1. Do you think a tuition is sufficient?
Q2 Are you satisfied with univ. facilities and supports of univ.
Q3 a. Do you think demo is sufficient method?
b. If you don’t is there any method?
Q4 Why the tuition is rising up?
Q5 Have you ever worried about high tuition?
Q6 Do you think that tuition struggle will be effective?

[ Class #123, Group 1, Bae Hyeon-bin, Jeong Da-hee, Lee Ji-yeon, Lee Chang-min ]


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