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May 28, 2009

Problem of ‘Sensational drama’

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Glossary :

※ ensure : make certain, guarantee, secure, make sure, confirm, warrant, certify
※ temptation : enticement, lure, inducement, pull, seduction, allurement, tantalization
※ camouflage : disguise, cover, screen, hide, mask, conceal, obscure, veil
※ mammonism : the think money is best
※ degenerate : depraved, corrupt, low, perverted, immoral, decadent, debauched, dissolute
※ mimicry : action of mimicking someone or something.

Problem of ‘Sensational drama’

‘Sensationalistic drama’ is popular in recent. Lots broadcasting station put sensationalistic drama on the air. As called sensationalistic drama is to disregard for reality or probability of story or acting ability or completion. The only reason that is to ensure viewing rates.

Dramas "Temptation of Wife" and "Boys Over Flowers"

We can say there are the representative dramas called ‘Temptation of wife’ and ‘Boys over flowers’. The former one is extreme and contrived story about ex-wife who were closely killed by ex-husband revenge him by camouflaging unknown. The latter one is covered by mammonism and unrealistic from story about common girl and the rich boy’s love s tory.
Even it is unreality story, these viewing rates were getting higher. sensationalistic Drama makes sensationalistic society to viewers to degenerate their sound critical awareness. It is also confusing on people ; especially one´s sense of values and possibly following mimicry crimes.
Korea Communications Standards Commission ( KCSC ) heed a warning to broadcasting station. It still depicts immoral and violence scenes in dramas. For example, temptation of wife was warning by them until it starts for 3 weeks. They used these warnings for promoting their programs. We should gaze their oppression and to do something overcoming it.


Discussion Questions :

1. Do you watch sensational drama always?

2. Do you think these drama has negative side?

3. Why sensational drama is popular in Korea these day?

4. How can we restrain these drama?

5. Is sensational drama has positive side?

[ Class #53, Group #6, Lee Ho-won, Jo Seok-gyu, Jang Joon-chan, Lee Kang-hyeon ]


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