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May 29, 2009

Celebrities’ Suicide

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Former President Roh Moo-hyun

Former President Roh Moo-hyun

actress Choi Jin-shil

actress Choi Jin-shil

actress Jang Ja-yeon

actress Jang Ja-yeon


* Celebrity : someone is famous, especially in areas of entertainment such as films,
music, writing, or sport.
* Suicide : kill themselves because they do not want to continue living.
* Residence: a house where people live.
* Inflict : To inflict harm or damage on someone or something means to make them
suffer it.
* Iconic : An iconic image or thing is important or impressive because it seems to be
a symbol of something.
* President : The president of a country that has no king or queen is the person who
is the head of state of that country
* Galvanize : To galvanize someone means to cause them to take action, for example
by making them feel very excited, afraid, or angry.

Celebrities’ Suicide

Nowadays celebrities’ suicide has become a big issue in our society. On May 23, 2009,Korea former president Roh moo-hyun jumped to his death from a cliff behind his residence in his hometown of bongha village, south gyeongsang province. He said that “he felt sorry for the suffering inflicted on many people because of him.[1] On October 2,2008. South Korea’s iconic actress Choi Jin-sil was found dead at her home in what appears to be a suicide amid rumors that linked her to the recent death of another actor,[2] Jang Ja-yeon, the 30-year-old actress, hanged herself at her house in Bundang, south of Seoul, on March 7,2009. Supposedly written by Jang, a suicide note said that a former agent had forced her to provide sexual and other favors to several high-powered entertainment figures and journalists.[3] news of celebrities’ suicides has a trigger effect that galvanize someone to do what is called a “copycat suicide”. Like this, celebrities’ suicide is a serious problem to deal.



Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think about celebrities’ suicide?
2. a) What do you think about the negative social effects of celebrities’ suicide?
b) Why do you think so?
3. a)Do you know anyone who committed suicide?
b)Why did they commit suicide?
4. a)Have you ever thought about suicide?
b)If so, what was the reason?

[ Class #97, Group #3, Yoo Jae-oo, Choi Jong-jin, Lee Yong-min, Yoon Yeo-beom ]


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