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May 29, 2009


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* transsexual : A transsexual is a person who has decided that they want to live as a person of the opposite sex, and so has changed their name and appearance in order to do this. Transsexuals sometimes have an operation to change their sex.
* represent : If you represent a person or thing as a particular thing, you describe them as being that thing.
* registration : The registration of something such as a person’s name or the details of an event is the recording of it in an official list.
* estrogen : estrogen is a hormone produced in the ovaries of female animals. estrogen controls the reproductive cycle and prepares the body for pregnancy.
* injection : If you have an injection, a doctor or nurse puts a medicine into your body using a device with a needle called a syringe.
* frequently : often, commonly, repeatedly, many times, habitually, not infrequently, much ≠ infrequently
* develop : When something develops, it grows or changes over a period of time and usually becomes more advanced, complete, or severe.
* honorable(=honourable) : If you describe people or actions as honourable, you mean that they are good and deserve to be respected and admired.
* protect : To protect someone or something means to prevent them from being harmed or damaged.
* conservative : Someone who is conservative or has conservative ideas is unwilling to accept changes and new ideas.


What do you think about transsexuals? Korean star – ‘Ha Ri Su’ represents transsexuals. Her/His resident registration number changed from a man’s to a woman’s. She/He married ‘Mickie Jung’ who is male. She/He takes estrogen injections frequently. Due to this, She/He has developed a womanly figure.

She/He is honorable, but some people think that She/He is strange. Also, Some people protect her/him, but other people dislike her/him. Especially, Koreans are conservative, so many Koreans don’t understand her/him.

Ha Ri-su makes efforts to encourage transsexuals. For example, she/he founded a small dance club – ‘Mix-Trans club’ recently. The club is similar to other dance clubs, but that is for transsexuals.


Discussion Questions:

1. Do you think that Ha Ri-Su looks better before or after?
Why do you think so?
2. What do you think about transsexuals?
Positive or Negative?
Why do you think so?
3. Do you think that transsexuals can make a social wave(or damage)?
If the answer is Yes, what kind of social influence can occur?
4. Do you know other transsexuals?
Who was it?
Did they have a good result or not?
5. Do you think Ha Ri-su is a man? or a woman?
Why do you think so?







[ Class #18, Group #4, Hwang Seul-gi, Lee Hyeong-oo, Bae Joon-hyeop ]


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