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June 3, 2009

Conspicuous consumption

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example of conspicuous consumption

example of conspicuous consumption

example of conspicuous consumption

example of conspicuous consumption


* conspicuous: If someone or something is conspicuous, people can see or notice them very easily.
* widespread:Something that is widespread exists or happens over a large area, or to a great extent.
* vanity:If you refer to someone’s vanity, you are critical of them because they take great pride in their appearance or abilities.
* consumption:Consumption is the act of buying and using things.
* independent:If someone is independent, they do not need help or money from anyone else.
* preference:If you have a preference for something, you would like to have or do that thing rather than something else.

Conspicuous consumption

Nowadays, Korea has a culture of conspicuous consumption. Triangular Kimbab eating, Starbucks Coffee 4000 won to the value of a sort of coffee consumption is widespread.
We show that normal for a person to purchase the so-called luxury goods. For example, Is an 된장녀 and a 신상녀. 된장녀 is Mainly in the sense of vanity to have had no independent economic regulation of women was a preference for luxury.[1]But, Position due to the economic downturn is holding down conspicuous consumption patterns.[2] Consumption of conspicuous no longer ‘envy’, not ‘shame’ means the destination of the ‘luxury syeim (luxury shame)’ has become a social phenomenon.[3]



Discussion Questions:

Q1-a. Have you ever done conspicuous consumption?
Q1-b. With what kind of things?
Q2. Why does the Koreans people do conspicuous consumption?
Q3. Does conspicuous consumption give what kind of satisfaction to the people.
Q4. What do you think that is the standard of conspicuous consumption what?
Q5. When you seeing the person who does conspicuous consumption in you circumsference, is your feeling how?

[ Class #123, Group #7, Group Members: Jeong Kang-san, Jin Hye-jeong ]


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