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June 3, 2009

University festival

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Dunking people into a pool

Dunking people into a pool

Enjoy the festival!

Enjoy the festival!

Throwing water balloons

Throwing water balloons


*dunk-to push someone under water for a short time as a joke
*celebrate-to show that an event or occasion is important by doing something special or enjoyable
*inhabitant-one of the people who live in a particular place.
*elaborate- having a lot of small parts or details put together in a complicated way
*participate-to take part in an activity or event
*fundraiser-an event that is organized to collect money for a charity, political party etc
*perform-to do something to entertain people, for example by acting a play or playing a piece of music
*attend-go to an event such as a meeting or a class

University festival

In May, There are many festivals. Especially, University festivals are held every May.[1] The purpose of the festival is to celebrate school spirit as well as get along with students and inhabitants.[2] In festivals, various elaborate programs are held, including as many as 100 kinds of events participated in by clubs, and dormitories have an open-house day. Some students become fundraisers, school clubs sell drinks and food from around the world, and perform various music and dances.[3]And students hold games. For example, Throwing water balloons, and dunking people into a pool.
Inhabitants and high school students come to enjoy festival and to see pop singers.[4] But There are problems in college festivals. These days, College students do not celebrate school spirit as well as before and don’t along with after students but drink a lot of alcohol and only attend pop concerts.


[3] (serch:Bombs away!)
(serch:Student festivals reach out to local communities)

Discussion Questions :
1.Do university students need festivals? It so, why?
2. If you went to a University festival, What was your best experience ?
3. What do you think about to drinking culture in university?
4. How can we improve the university drinking culture?
5. What are the good points of university festivals ?

Class #123, 6 Group
윤희선 12092434 정소라 12092483
박종환 12092369 박지미 12092372


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