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June 4, 2009

Kang Ho-Soon’s serial killings

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Kang Ho-Soon droop his head

Kang Ho-Soon droop his head

Kang Ho-Soon's incendiary fire

Kang Ho-Soon's incendiary fire

Kang Ho-Soon's smile

Kang Ho-Soon's smile

Glossary :

* arrest: to seize(a person) by legal authority or wattant
* slope: the side of a mountain, hill, or valley.
* capital punishment: Judge decide death to prisoner
* serial killer: Serial killings or attacks are a series of killings or attacks committed by the same person.
* psychopath: someone who has serious mental problems and who may act in a violent way without feeling sorry for what they have done.

Kang Ho-Soon’s serial killings

Several months ago, Kang Ho-Soon was arrested for killing many people. He killed women, not men. He killed about ten people. This serious situation happened in cars, houses, and on mountain slopes. Policemen asked, “Why did you kill people?” Kang Ho-Soon said, “No reason.” He is a serial killer. Maybe he had no emotion. He was married four times. But his wives, and even one of their mothers died.[1] But only his two kids survived. Because he said, “I love my sons.”
When he was a student, he was quiet and normal. And his neighbors were shocked when they found out their kind neighbor was serial killer. Because they always thought he was a good person. Maybe they couldn’t believe it. He always cared for sick elderly women and he visited neighbors.
A newspaper and an on-line newspaper revealed Kang Ho-soon’s face. Some felt that revealing his face to the public was a violation of his human rights.[2] At the end of it all, the murderer was sentenced to death.[3]



Discussion Questions:

1. Do you agree that he deserved capital punishment?
2. What is the solution to the problem of serial killings?
3. Some expert said, “He is a typical psychopath.” Do you think he is a psychopath?
4. Why are serial killings increasing in our modern society?

[Class #157, Group#5, Im Sun-Hyun, Choi Mi-Hyun, Shin Seon-Mi, Chea Hee Soo]


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