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November 27, 2009


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-accuse : If you accuse someone of doing something wrong or dishonest, you say or tell them that you believe that they did it.

-compromise : A compromise is a situation in which people accept something slightly different from what they really want, because of circumstances or because they are considering the wishes of other people.

-recognition : Recognition is the act of recognizing someone or identifying something when you see it.

-issue : An issue is an important subject that people are arguing about or discussing.

-satire : Satire is the use of humour or exaggeration in order to show how foolish or wicked some people’s behaviour or ideas are.


Recently, a college girl said that “the little guy is loser” on a TV show, .
Her words made many viewers angry.

Meanwhile, on the internet, many netizens created variety parodies about the “loser remarks” and these parodies made people laugh out loud.
Like this, it is called parody satirizing social issues or famous works of art criticism.
Parody allows you to reach to the target for it friendly.
Even though those are serious or difficult social problem, it helps people to be able to look easily and funny. So it makes people laugh off. But the problem is that it could compromise the honor of related person.
And the other problem is that it could distort the truth, if the creator pursuits fun and exaggerated information.

Therefore, the parody would be able to give fun and vitality to our society, if it is for appropriate warnings and criticisms and in the range of avoiding hurting the target’s heart


2. ery=300%C6%D0%B7%AF%B5%F0&clubid=18718174#content-area
3. ry=%B6%F3%BD%BA%C6%AE%BB%E7%B9%AB%B7%E7%C0%FA&clubid=195090 02#content-area
4. query=%C5%B3%B7%AF%C1%B6&clubid=18728669#content-area

Discussion Questions :

1. What Do you think about parody

2. Where Is the acceptable range of defamation of character?

3. let’s think about different kind of parody

Members (group 2 of class #32) :



My Favorite Actor

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1. obvious – It is easy to see or understand
2. abundant – Something that is abundant is present in large quantities
3. plenty – Plenty is a large amount of it
4. throughout – If you say that something happens or exists throughout a place, you mean that it happens or exists in all parts of that place.

5. nominated – If someone or something such as an actor or a film is nominated for an award, someone formally suggests that they should be given that award.


Most people are not familiar with ‘Al Pacino’ maybe. But I would be thanksful, if you listened carefully.

I’m going to introduce my favorite actor ‘Al Pacino’ who is a veteran actor in Hollywood. He has been acting for over 40 years and is almost 70 years old. His main works are God father, Scarecrow, Serpico, Dog day afternoon, Scarface, Scent of woman, Heat, Donnie Brasco, The Devil’s Advocate, Insider, Insomnia, Etc.

It is obvious that he has done a lot of movies that show us his spectacular acting. He was nominated for Academy Awards in the 1970s as many as 5 times. After being nominated 8 times, he won an Academy Awards for leading actor winners through ‘The scent of a woman’. Besides that, he has a lot of prize record from various movie festivals.

My favorite movie is ‘God gather’ and ‘Scarecrow’. The former is a Mafia story which is always considered one of the top movies of all times, the latter is renowned for the pairing of ‘Al Pacino’ and ‘Gene Hackman’.

The acting style of ‘Al Pacino’ is dramatic. His gestures are big and abundant and his facial expressions are very dynamic. Moreover his speech was studied because it has been a big impression on plenty of people. He shows us compassion and humanity in his movies although his characters are usually a police detective or a gang member.

Another actor ‘Robert De Niro’ has become a rival throughout his life. The acting style of ‘Robert De Niro’ is different from ‘Al Pacino’. Nevertheless they are often compared because they started their career at a similar time and gained fame side by side.
They have been in 3 movies together. Especially it is remembered as one of the best moments in movie history when they are on scene together for the first time in the movie ‘Heat’.

Now he is already an old man. However I wish he could live long and shoot more good movies.

1. Do you know‘Al Pacino or movies with‘Al Pacino?
2. Who is your favorite Hollywood actor and why?
3. What is your favorite Hollywood movie?
4. Who is the oldest actor who is still active in Korea?
5. Do you have a rival who you are in competition?

*Class 175, Group 8*

November 26, 2009


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1. ruffian : Double button both behind skirt or coat clothing

2. texture : The texture of something is the way that it feels when you touch it, for example how smooth or rough it is.

3. attainments: The attainment of an aim is the achieving of it.

4. abundant: Something that is abundant is present in large quantities.

5. spindle: A spindle is a rod in a machine, around which another part of the machine turns.


Dior’s history : Women who go through war and economy dog days enjoyed abundant Korol (petal) line and beautiful textile fabrics been product of industry to be texture another thing reached in Golden Age at that time of Dior. Dior announces new line ‘New look’ in style that represent the fifties from 1949 and this brought fashion revolution by meter. Dior has exchanged all the world women’s tall ruffian and short skirt to hanged shoulder and elegant and beautiful bulk skirt. First name called christian dior was known in all the world thereby. First name called christian dior was known in all the world thereby. 1957, creation silhouette that announce every season until die by age of 53 years old give the first name that is Y la that is Tulip line, H la and led fashion continuously .His last line was spindle line.

chanel’s history : To 20th century best designer Gabrielle chanel called “Kokochanel”. she is 20th century maximum designer. Gabrielle chanel that take the victory by first uniquely in the woman’s dress world. man designers are having initiative was begun to know starting as designer of Parisian smallish hat shop at first and began woman’s dress design advancing in from 1910. She inclined heart and soul and announces several revolutionary design and causes sensation in simple and sporty dress manufacture. While men take part to the war, women who do lively activity at factory and company preferred well and active chanel style justly. Close a store and announces chanel NO.5 of perfume and gained great success in this field in 1939. Knife rugger felt is guiding Chanel line by designer present. Because fashion of chanel is well and active and elegant, it is eternal brand that is catching mind of women who is great many until today.
Tom Ford
Fashion Designer. He was born in the United States of America in 1962. His attainments in scholarship is New York state university art history university graduate. He received MTV and American fashion designer society aspect in 1995, and is Gucci creative director from 1990 to 2004.

Karl Lagerfeld
He born at Germany on September 10, 1938. He was awarded an American design society prize in 1982. 2004.11 H&M chief designers 1998 lagerfeld gallery launching 1984 chanel Head Designer. 1975, Lagerfeld perfume company establishment




1. who is chanel’s head desinger in 1984?

2. what is chanel’s nickname?

3. what is first chanel’s number?

Class # 67, Group #1

Incheon Bridge

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International : 1. International means between or involving different countries.
2. In sport, an international is a game that is played between teams representing two different countries.
3. An international is a member of a country’s sports team.

quantity : 1. A quantity is an amount that you can measure or count.
2. Things that are produced or available in quantity are produced or available in large amounts.

the great bridge incheon was opend on October nineteenth 2009.
twothousendnine The bridge is located in Inchon.
The bridge connects Incheon International Airport and Songdo International city.
Peopel can freely use the Airport and enjoy the scenery of the see.
the bridge kostet KRW2 trillion 456 billion 600 million.
The constructure of the bridge required over 2 Million people annually the construction started on 6. 2005. and lasted 52 Months.
the latest technique of construction was used for the Bridge.
The total length of the brige is 21.27Km, 12kim on the see mel 8kim in the land. the bridge crosset the western see md it is blowed.

the main tower is 238meters high and it is concrete structure with reverse Y shape.
the hight is equal to that of the 63 story bilding in seoul. the main tower is said to be the shape of a stork. landing on the see.
the bridge shortenol the langth of the time more than 40 miniets.
It used to take 1 hour from Airport to city, but now it takes 15 Minits.
It was chosen to be one of the ten wourers in the field of construction on 02. 2005, according to of tupland.
the construction of the huiph helped to lessen. the cost of transpaveation and the quantity of Co2 (Carbon dioxyd).
The bridged is wonderful to see at night and has many sightseeing attractions near the bridge. Recently a Marathon race was held on the bridge.

*Discussion Questions*

1, have you ever visit the bridge?

2. Do you want visit Incheon bridge? why?

3. If you stay on the bridge, and suddenly bridge has begun to broken.
what the you do ?

reference < – surch

*Class #175,
Group #1*

* canceled appointments twice*
* did not make new appointment; just went to office
* did not use flashcard*
* did not separate text from JPEGs*

Boy Band Leader Quits Over Internet Comments

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1.Derogatory: If you make a derogatory comment about SBY or STH, you express your low opinion of them

2.Understudy: Person who has learned their part in a play

3.Translation: Piece of writing or speech that has been translated from a different language

4.Properly: In a way that is considered acceptable and not rude

5.Nevertheless: When saying something that contrasts with what has just been said

6.Controversy: A lot of discussion and argument about something

7.As of: After now

8.Protest: Say or show publicly that you object to it

9.Witch hunt: When people look for SBY to blame and punish



About three months ago, Park Jae-beom(Jay), the leader of 2PM, one of the Korea’s hottest boy bands, quit over 2PM.[1] That’s because he wrote derogatory comments about Korea and Koreans on the website Myspace four years ago while he was an understudy at JYP entertainment.[2]
Hs comments had so many mistranslations, but netizens read only ‘the translated comments’, so they were so disappointed with him. Immediately, he apologized properly for his mistake, nevertheless he was attacked by netizens ‘again and again’.

Four days after the controversy surfaced, he wrote this message on an official fansite, “I think it will be difficult for me to see you on stage because I am so sorry. I am leaving 2PM as of today.” And the next day, he left 2PM and Korea.[3]
After that, 2PM’s official fanclub ‘Hottest’ held a silent protest in front of the JYP building in Seoul. And they put \post-it notes wishing for his come-back on the JYP buildings in Korea and America.[4] But he hasn’t come back yet.





1.What do you think of “Witch hunts”?

2.What do you think about what Park Jae-beom did?

3.Have you ever written a critical comment on the Internet? If you so, to whom? Why?

4.What do you think about anonymity on the Internet?


University English 106-175, Group #2


Kim Young-jin
Song Bo-ram
Park Seong-hoon
Choi Young-eun


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investigate: If someone, especially an official, investigates an event, situation, or claim, they try to find out what happened or what is the truth.

abbreviation: An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase, made by leaving out some of the letters or by using only the first letter of each word.

desire:A desire is a strong wish to do or have something.

representative:A representative is a person who has been chosen to act or make decisions on behalf of another person or a group of people.

How do you often watch a movie? These days many people enjoy watching the movie. So, we investigated a genre of a movie. Genre of a movies are action, SF, drama, horror, comedy, erotic, etc. We will explain several things during these.
First, SF.
SF is an abbreviation of Science Fiction. It is a movie having called imaginary science to a material. “TransFormers” is a representative example.

In this way, SF must supported principle of science. Although still technical wasn’t grown up , it is possible to theoretical. So, we use ‘A human reproduction’ and ‘An artificial intelligence robot’.

Second, horror.
Horror causes fear of an audience. So, many people see this moive for enjoying a fear.It is had a chill For these reasons summer many people see this moive
‘Death Bell’ is a representative example.

this is Death Bell . this is famous for ‘namgyuri’. by the way these days horror moive’s kind is many, example cruel ,creepy or appear the ghost.

third, Comedy
Do you know comedy very much? As you know it, most many pelple find this movie because if you see this movie, you will happy.
‘over speed scandal’ is a representative example.

Do you see this movie? it most famouse recently. this movies unite with drama or romance.
forth, ero

erotic movie is developed very. Past, this movie is only pursue Sexual desire. so movie’s quality is many bad but recently, movie that past movie is despised. so now movie company pursue sexual beautiful. so it is also unite drama, romance movie.
‘A Good Lawyer’s Wife’is a representative example.

1. what’s your movie seeing most recently , what kind movie?
2. what’s your most impressive movie. why?
3. what kind of genre do you like?
4. do you see movie that we example ? discuss an impression.

*Class #102, Group #4*


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*Plagiarism : Plagiarism is the practice of using or copying someone else’s idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it.

*Imagery : You can refer to the descriptions in something such as a poem or song, and the pictures they create in your mind, as its imagery.

*Pretend : You act in a way that is intended to make people believe that it is the case, although in fact it is not.

*Copyright : If someone has copyright on a piece of writing or music, it is illegal to reproduce or perform it without their permission.

*Violation : If someone violates an agreement, law, or promise, they break it.

*Detract : It makes it seem less good or impressive.

*Controversy : It is a lot of discussion and argument about something, often involving strong feelings of anger or disapproval.

*Release : When an entertainer or company releases a new CD, video, or film, it becomes available so that people can buy it or see it.

*Persist : If you persist in doing something, you continue to do it, even though it is difficult or other people are against it.

* Commercial : Commercial means involving or relating to the buying and selling of goods

* Reflect : You can use reflect to indicate that a particular thought occurs to someone.

* Creativity : Creativity is a mental and social process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts.

* Conscience : Conscience is an ability or a faculty that distinguishes whether one’s actions are right or wrong.

* Ranked : usually numbers like `first’, `second’, and `third’, to form adjectives which indicate what position someone or something has in a list or scale.


Nowadays, plagiarism has become a big issue. Plagiarism can involve music, variety programs, online games, snack, imagery, and etc. Plagiarism is the practice of using or copying someone else’s idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it. The plagiarism involves copyright violation. The plagiarist make a big profit. In that case, original idea or work’s owner have disadvantage.

The most common kind of plagiarism is related to music. Some Korean singers’ famous songs are similar to other country’s songs. These include G-dragon, Lee-seung-gi, 2NE1…etc. For example, G-dragon’s “Heart Breaker” is similar to Flo-rida’s “Right Round”, and “butterfly” is similar to Oasis’s “she’s electric”.[1] Another caces, Lee-seung-gi’s “¿ì¸® Çì¾îÁöÀÚ” is similar to Tim’s “¹ß¸ñÀ» ´ÙÃļ­”, etc. These examples of plagiarism detract from the value of the music.[2]

Also snacks are going on about the plagiarism controversy. In television stations in Japan, had this information. Released in 1988 in Korea’s Pepero is Similar to released in 1966 in Japan’s Pocky and released in 1984 in Korea’s chocosongi is similar to released in 1975 in Japan’s mountains of mushrooms. In addition, the Saewookang of Korea released in 1971 is similar to the Katppa saewoosen of Japan in 1964. Most products are released first in Japan than in Korea. However, in Korean, persist in that it was not plagiarized.[3]

Plagiarism of game has become a big issue too. Many Korea’s games is plagiarism in China. Korea’s game ‘kartrider’ is plagiarism in China. and that is ranked sixth in the game rankings. Also, ‘special forces’ is plagiarism and ranked second in the game rankings.
Rhythm game ‘audition’ is plagiarism in four games. In the past, Korea games also plagiarism Japan’s games. but In China’s plagiarism of games is intemperate. so, Korea’s game suffer damage. [4]

There are many problems such plagiarism. However, we do not have a solution to plagiarism issues. Because It is various, complex and commercial. And plagiarism issues that reflect badly on the country’s cultural image. So we think that the national image to create products. And artists have to use their own creativity and not plagiarize. The producers need to create products that protect the conscience.



1. Have you ever heard these plagiarism songs? What do you feel?

2. Do you know that many plagiarisms such as music or online game, etc.?

3. Do you know that another plagiarism?

4. What do you think about solution of these problems?

Class #172, Group #1

November 25, 2009

The Sad case of Na-Yeong. (The Jo Du-Sun Incident in 2008)

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Glossary :

rape – to force sb to have sex with you when they do not want to by threatening them or hsing violence

permanently – lasting for a long time or for all time in the future

rupture – an injury in which sth inside the body breaks apart or bursts

Assembly – a group of people who have been elected to meet together regularly and make decisions or laws for a particular region or country

threaten – If something or someone threatens a person or thing, they are likely to harm that person or thing


Do you know the sad case of Na-Yeong?
What happened to her is so scary, and everyone hates what happened to her.
Now, Let’s search for this sad story.
‘Na-Yeong’, who is 8 years old, was raped by a fifty-year-old man. She suffered a lot of violence during the rape. Then she had a major operation. Her life was saved, but she lost 80% of her genital organs.
This Story has attracted the ire of netizens in Korea.
‘Na-Yeong’ had so many injuries. Some of them were mental. She now has mental illness. She cannot trust anybody anymore.
And if some man approaches her, she will withdraw. She suffered terrible injuries, including having her intestines permanently ruptured.
This is her body. She was treated so cruelly.

Netizens have taken their anger to websites like Agora and those for the National Assembly and the Ministry of Gender Equality (which was brought down by heavy traffic). A Naver search for “나영이사건” brings up the Korean-language news stories.[1]

This website has many comments by foreign netizens.
For example, Nick name ‘HL’ said “That’s horrible. Can intestines be replaced? What’s the status of the girl?” and Nick name ‘Foreigner Joy’ said “12 years is too short. Certainly shows that sex offenders exist in Korean society.”

It isn’t incident that there being first this incident.
It rises not to mention way to school and way to home from school, and tidal range children cannot be at school safe. Also, safety of children is threatened in home. Many South Koreans, especially children and their parents, still cannot forget the name of two elementary school girls ― Hye-jin, 11, and Yae-seul, 8 ― who were kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed by a 38-year-old man last December. The gruesome case sent a shockwave throughout the country with people calling for stronger measures on crimes against minors.

On the other hand, if these accidents became the occurrence in the United Stateses, a sentence would get from 4060.[4]

Therefore, we shall get revisions.
One of the revisions is the law on the electronic monitoring of offenders. This law took effect this month with the aim of strengthening surveillance on criminals who have the high possibility of recidivism.
And, the ministry also plans to initiate a bill in November to set up a DNA database to process genetic information of sexual criminals. We hope all the measures will help effectively crack down on sexual crimes against children as well as prevent convicts from becoming recidivists.

Reference :



1) How is your thought regarding this accident?

2) If crime that likes this case happens , how society have to do?

3) Do you know how many times sexual violence is occur in a day?

4) How about your feeling when your family or friends are got sexual violence?

Class # 102, Group # 5

Chon hyoung tae
Choi yoon ho
Park seung woo
Ahn Tae Kyoung

Different Military Systems

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*conscription : officially making people in a particular country join the armed forces.

*wilderness : a desert or other area of natural land which is not used by people.

*military : Military means relating to the armed forces of a country.

*draft : The draft is the practice of ordering people to serve in the armed forces, usually for a limited period of time.

Each country has a different Military System. so, we will dicuss about different Military System.
The military system of some countries is conscription.
There are Cuba, Israel, Malaysia, Mongolia, north korea, and south korea, etc.
The strong points of the conscription are that conscription is an ideal tool for teaching a population basic, important skills such as first aid, swimming, and wilderness survival,
and easy control of military power.
The weak points of the conscription are the cost of conscription imposes a heavy burden on goverment, and the suicide rate is
high in military.

The free conscription system is which people who would like to volunteer in the army applies for certain positions.
They have no such force by the nation to go to the army. Such systems as the volunteer system, militiaman system, and mercenary system is included.

the other Military system is military draft.
Many nations do not maintain conscription forces, instead relying on a volunteer or professional military most of the time,
although many of these countries still reserve the possibility of conscription for wartime and during times of crises.
For example nation adopted this system is Thailand.




1.How do you think about going to military?
2.Going to military depends on the distinction of sex. What do you think?
3.Have you ever thought about war? What do you think?

Class # 32 Group 5

Talking about Korea Tv Program

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1. unscripted- talk or speech is made without detailed preparation, rather than being read out
2. impromptu-action is one that you do without planning or organizing it in advance
3. infinity- a point that is further away than any other point and can never be reached
4. impressive-something that is impresses you
5. slapstick- a simple type of comedy in which the actors behave in a rough and foolish way

Nowadays we usually watch variety programs. Thus we will introduce the topic of Korean variety programs. First of all, these days, many people prefer real variety programs to other programs. Do you know what real variety programs are? They are unscripted, impromptu programs that producers and directors make to be simple in format and are guide by MC. For example, infinity challenge has participants that are different from one another and they participate in games and lowbrow slapstick activities.
Another variety program is “1 day 2 nights” traveling to beautiful places in Korea. Also, they play random games such as ‘rock-scissors-paper, punishment-for-drawing the short stick and etc.

Another kind of program, with different formats is talk shows. They have MCs and guests who talk together. One of the most famous programs name is ‘fortune teller’ which has the same format as the ‘Oprah Winfrey show’. The guests talk about entertainment rumors, their lives, and painful stories.
The other programs name is ‘strong heart’. It has a different sort of format than any other talk show. First, lots of famous people, such as singers, actors, entertainers tell their secret stories and they find out who told the most impressive story.

Last famous Korea programs are comedy programs. They are lowbrow slapstick activities. The most popular program’s name is ‘Gag concert’. In this program, there are a lot of different sections, such as ‘Expert, school life, etc. In the expert section, the man acts like experts, actually the man is not experts, he just pretends like he is expert at it. For example, if the title name is “expert at eating spicy food”, he eats lots of spicy food and then he pretends it is not spicy. This kind of lowbrow slapstick makes the audience laugh.


Discussion Question?
1. What do you think about real variety program?
2. What kind of TV program do you like best?
3. Why producer always try to make different format of tv show program?

Class #67, Group #6

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