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November 9, 2009

Final Exams (Written and Oral/Speaking)

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There will be a final written exam on Week 14 (November 30th to December 4th) and a final speaking test on Week 15 (December 7th to December 11th).

*** Final Written Exam ***

It will include vocabulary from both your text book and your presentations:

instant messaging:
(noun) a system on the Internet which makes it possible to send messages quickly between two people using the system

text message:
(noun) a written message, usually containing words with letters left out, sent from one mobile phone (= a telephone that you can carry with you) to another

video conferencing:
(noun) when two or more people who are in different parts of the world can talk to each other and see each other on television screens

(noun) a camera which records moving pictures and sound and allows these to be shown on the Internet as they happen

Class 32

– Enthusiasm :
Enthusiasm is great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity which you like and enjoy or which you think is important.

– Honor :
An honour is a special award that is given to someone, usually because they have done something good or because they are greatly respected.

– Value :
If you value something or someone, you think that they are important and you appreciate them.

Class 102

– Unique : Something that is the only one of its kind.

– Extraordinary : having some extremely good or special quality.

– Spotlight : If something has particular problem or situation, it makes people notice it and think about it.

*** Final Speaking Exam ***

You will ask each other questions, and answer them.

Questions will be from both your text book and your presentations.

– Which method of communication do you prefer? Why?

Class 32

– Which Korean baseball team do you cheer for? Why do you cheer for them?

Class 102

– Do you agree with Korea University’s decision to give Kim Yu-na special admission? Why or why not?


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