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November 12, 2009

Korean top star, Kang hye jung and Tablo just got married on the 26th of October!

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Tablo and Kang hye jung's wedding photo


* distribute : If you distribute things, you hand them or deliver them to a number of people.
* acquaintance : An acquaintance is someone who you have met and know slightly, but not well.
* celebrate : If you celebrate, you do something enjoyable because of a special occasion or to mark someone’s success.
* encourage : If you encourage someone, you give them confidence,
* pregnant : If a woman or female animal is pregnant, she has a baby or babies developing in her body.

Text :

Tablo, a member of Epic High, married a movie star Kang hye jung on the 26th of October. [1] They fell in love each other since last Christmas concert and got netizen’s congratulations message becoming known to internet on last February. “I made a song which is unique and only for her. Because making song is the best thing that I can do.” answering the question that how he proposed to her. And he distributed the new song just for free on the wedding day. It was a present for his fan. [2] Their wedding had been progressed in secret just attending their families and close acquaintances at Samsung-dong Kangnam, Seoul. [3] A lot of guests celebrated their wedding. The guests were famous movie star Han Chae-young, Song Yun-a, Song Gang-ho, An Sung-Ki, and a moive director Park Chan-Uk, and singer Gil and Bobby Kim. The chair-person of the wedding was MissRa who is one of the EpicHigh and a nuptial song was sung by LiSsang and Jung-in.
Another issue was that [4] she explained to public that she was a fifth-week pregnant through their company,, on last 5th announcing their wedding. Netizens were shocked by a surprise wedding announcement but they encouraged to their decision. And said ” We feel a sense of responsibility of Tablo’s announcement not only Kang’s pregnancy but also Kang’s comfort. This couple will have a baby on July next year.



Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think about becoming a pregnant before you marry?
2. Do you think that they are well-matched couple?
3. What do you think about the wedding not to open to public?
4. Who will be the one that the baby would be similar with?
5. Is there another entertainer-couple?

Group 6 (of Class 175)
Cho a ra
Lee hyun a
Song seol hee
Lee kyung jin


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