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November 17, 2009

The Girl Groups of Korea

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debut : The debut of a performer or sports player is their first public performance, appearance, or recording.
prototype : If you say that someone or something is a prototype of a type of person or thing, you mean that they are the first or most typical one of that type.
tremendous : You use tremendous to emphasize how strong a feeling or quality is, or how large an amount is.
branch out : If a person or an organization branches out, they do something that is different from their normal activities or work.


Do you know The Girl Groups in Korea?
We will introduce the girl groups in Korea.
First, There were two famous girl groups in the 1990s, One is SES, their members are Sea Eugene and Shoo.
It was 12-years ago that they made their debut as singers.
Their famous songs are ‘Oh, my love’ and ‘I’m your girl’. Korea listeners were crazy about their songs.
The other is FinKL, their members are Hyo-ri, Ju-hyeon, Yu-ri and Jin.
DSP Entertainment made FinKL to compete with SES.[1] Their famous songs are ‘Now’ and ‘Forever Love’.
Now, These groups are the prototype of present girl groups.

Ever since, everyone loves Girl’s generation & Wonder girls.
JYP Ent. debuted the Wonder girls in 2006. Their members are Sun-ye, Ye-eun, So-hee, Sun-mi and Yu-bin.
Their first album wasn’t commercially successful. However ,their second album, ‘Tell me’, gained
tremendous popularity. Since then, they have maintained their popularity.
For example, their famous songs are ‘Nobody’, ‘So hot’, etc.
In addition, they have advanced into the American record market.[2]
Next, SM Ent. debuted Girl’s Generation in 2007.
Girl’s generation consists of 9 members.(Yun-ah, Tae-yeon, Tiffany, etc.)
Because they have more members than the Wonder Girls, they have a greater variety of personalities
and images. And, they have branched out to various fields. For example, actress, program hostess, radio DJ, etc.
Since second album, they have commanded the best general popularity.[3]

In 2009, So many girl groups debuted in Korea. 2NE1, 4minute, f(x), Tiara, etc.
This year, those Korean girl groups win a great popularity. Their song have a great addiction.
For example, BEG’s ‘abracadabra’ & 4minute’s ‘hot issue’ creat a great sensation.
In addition, their dances gain a popularity too.
Now, those groups are going abroad and we expect their good activity.


[1] :
[3] :


1) What do you think about a ‘hook song’?
2) Which do you like wonder girls or girls’s generation? Why?
3) What do you think about advance of wonder girls to the American market?
4) What do you think about a girl group’s vocal skill?

Class # 138, Group # 3


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