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November 17, 2009

The Jo Du-sun Incident

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*kidnap – to take sb away illegally and keep them as a prisoner, especially in order to get money or sth else for returning
*condemn – to express very strong disapproval of sb/ sth usually for moral reasons
*declare – to say sth officially or publicly
*sentence – the punishment given by a court


I like others, have followed closely the news stories regarding poor Na-young and the monster, Cho, who was found guilty of the rape of the young girl in question.
As reported in most media outlets, Cho kidnapped eight-year-old Na-young, dragged her into a dirty public toilet, beat her, half-drowned her,
raped her and mutilated her ¡ª then, leaving her for dead, he fled. He was sentenced to a mere 12 years in prison, which has been condemned by the nation and lawmakers alike.
Meanwhile, Lee Yong-hoon publicly declared, “It is inappropriate to argue the final ruling handed down by the court.”[*]


Discussion Questions:

1.what do you think about incident?
2.How about think alternative plan to prevent na-young incident?
3.Do you have another opinion that the solution of sexual violence against children?

Group 5 (of Class 175)

Kim kyu won
Jung ho lim
Hong seung hoon
Heo jing young

[*] This was copied (복사) and plagiarized (표절) from this newspaper article:

I told you clearly not to copy and plagiarize from the Internet. You will receive a zero/0 for your presentation.


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