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November 18, 2009

Diffusion of H1N1

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Disease: A disease is an illness which affects people, animals, or plants, for example one which is caused by bacteria or infection.

Influenza: Influenza is the same as flu.

Virus: A virus is a kind of germ that can cause disease

Sneeze: When you sneeze, you suddenly take in your breath and then blow it down your nose noisily without being able to stop yourself, for example because you have a cold.

Inhale: When you inhale, you breathe in. When you inhale something such as smoke, you take it into your lungs when you breathe in.

cough: When you cough, you force air out of your throat with a sudden, harsh noise. You often cough when you are ill, or when you are nervous or want to attract someone’s attention.

Contaminate: If something is contaminated by dirt, chemicals, or radiation, they make it dirty or harmful.

Vomit: If you vomit, food and drink comes back up from your stomach and out through your mouth.

Contact : Contact involves meeting or communicating with someone, especially regularly


What is the H1N1?
H1N1 or previously known as influenza A virus is a new disease first discovered in April 2009 among the people in Mexico, Canada and the United States that had caused many deaths. H1N1 virus has never spread among humans and is not related to any seasonal flu viruses. However, recent news had reported people infected with the virus will face great risk of death. The deadly virus spread from a person to another and can easily transmit as the normal seasonal flu. The virus can travel to another person with exposure to infected virus released by sneezing or coughing as human breathe by inhaling the air in the surrounding. The virus can also contaminate surfaces and hands. The symptoms and signs of a person infected with H1N1 virus are similar to flu with addition to headache, fever, muscle pain, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea as well as vomiting.[1]

The present situation of H1N1 is very serious. Last week, the World Health Organization announced that more than 6,000 people worldwide have died from H1N1 flu. In Korea, twelve more deaths have been linked to the H1N1 flu virus in Korea this week, raising the number to 64.[2]
Meanwhile , the entertainment world also with suffered from H1N1.
For example, Kim Hyun-Jung in SS501, Jo-Kwun in 2AM, Jong-Hyun and On-u in Shinee got a H1N1. Unfortunately, seven-year-old son of actor Lee Kwang-gi died on 8th November after catching the H1N1 flu virus. The cause of death was announced as H1N1.[3]

A method of prevention.
Wash your hands often with warm water and antibacterial soap
Avoid touching your face, especially the areas around your eye, nose and mouth.
Always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands immediately after doing so.
If you are unable to wash your hands regularly, carry an alcohol-based hand wash or hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly.
Avoid areas or people that may be contaminated. If you need to visit a contaminated area or feel you are at high risk for contacting the disease, consider wearing a face mask.[4]


[3] -

Discussion Questions:
1.What do you think influenza inspection price?
2.What did you do against influenza?
3.what do you think about response of nation?

Group 3(of class 102)
Kang Dong-Wok
Kwak hyung-geol
Kook hyun ho
Kim Taek-Seong

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