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November 18, 2009

The Jae-beom Incident

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frustrate : to make (someone) feel disappointed, useless, lacking a purpose in life, etc.
clarify : to make or become clearer or easier to understand
generation : the act or process of producing something, eg electricity or ideas
translate : to express (a word, speech, written text, etc) in another language, closely
preserving the meaning of the original
influence : the power that one person or thing has to affect another

One of the biggest events in korean pop music in 2009 was Park Jae-beom leaves the boy
band 2PM. 4 years ago, the issue began when he wrote comments on his My space.
Jae-beom, the former leader of popular dance group 2PM, quit the group and left Korea for the United
States. [1]
The singer wrote comments like
“Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back” on his social networking Web site myspace.
“I first came to Korea as a high school freshman. I didn’t know much about Korea the language
and the food was different,”
Jae-beom said in the public apology. `
`The comments that I made were emotional expressions of discontent at that time ¡¦
I sincerely apologize.” [2]
Response of a netizen was cold in spite of his apology. Most netizens were frustrated to his
comment on myspace, and reply malicious replies. Even some netizens reply personal attacks.
However, there were responce sympathizing Jae-beom. netizens thought at that time he was
young, and there wasn’t judicious, so He wrote on these comments.
About 20,000 fans of 2PM held signs calling for the return of Jaebeom at JYP Entertainment
headquarters. [3] Representative from JYP Entertainment confirmed that Jae-beom had left 2PM.
Jae-beom had gone back to the United States, but there is no word his future plan.
The group was supposed to release a full-length album , but plans have been put on hold.
the JYP Entertainment representative said.
” As for 2PM, there are no plans of getting a replacement for Jae-beom. 2PM will stop all its
activities as of now,¡±¡¯
most of the media did not give an opportunity to clarify to Jae-beom and promoted a criticism
by the provocative title. Eventually Jae-beom left the team to withdraw his hometown of
Seattle. By the way, Sudden withdrawal and criticism media was transformed into a sympathy
public opinion. However, he didn’t come yet back to Korea. 2PM restarted some time ago activity
to a member of 6. [4]
We can know an action form of new generation through these accidents.
First, There isn’t the judgment that thought is deep to new generation. Intention of short
essay of Ja-beom is simple complaint. But, The netizen who translated this essay didn’t take
a difference of culture into consideration. he did subjectively analyze.
therefore, New generation is familiar with culture of a speed however, they have not thought
ful judgement. Second, It is generation that it may have easily swept it in a mass public
opinion. There is a personality, but it is the generation that lost subjectivity.
It is characteristics of Internet culture to show an explosive influence to these generations



Discussion Questions :

1. he could do entertainment activies again?
2. when Jae-Beom back to Korea, he will be responsible?
3. Through this accidents, What is attitude of the netizen to reflect?

Group FIVE (of Class 172)

Park issac
Park jun-hwa
Kim da-seul


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