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November 19, 2009

The Kia Tigers

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1. wyvern: an imaginary animal that has two legs and wings and looks like a dragon

2. MVP: most valuable player

3. inning: one of the nine playing periods in a game of baseball or softball

4. pennant: a long, pointed flag

5. shut out: a game in which one team is prevented by the other from getting any points


We will tell you ‘KIA Tigers’ korean baseball team.
This year, Korean baseball Series, the KIA Tigers are the champions.
In the 2007, 2008 series, the champions were the SK Wyverns.[1]
In the 2006, the champions were the Samsung Lions.
The KIA Tigers’ coach is Cho Beom-hyun.
The KIA Tigers’ hitters are Lee Yong-kyu, Kim Won-seob, Na Ji-Wan, Choi Hee-seob, Kim Sang-hyun, Lee Jong-beom, Ahn Chi-hong,
Kim Sang-hun, Lee Hyun-gon. And pitchers are Yoon Seok-min, Aquilino Roa Lopez, Kwak Jung-cheol, Yu Dong-hun, Han Ki-ju,
Yang Hyun-jong, Rick Lee Guttormson.
One of the hitters, Na Ji-wan is a Korean Series MVP. He hit a home run in the final inning of the final match.[2]

And one of the hitters, Kim Sang-hyun is a pennant race MVP, and a “home run king.”
One of the pitchers, Aquilino Roa Lopez shut out the SK Wyverns during their 5th match.
So all the players on the team were important in becoming the Korean Series champions.



Discussion Questions

1. Do you like basball? why or why not?
2. Which Korean baseball team do you like?
3. What do you think about the KIA Tigers? why?
4. How often do you go to baseball games?
5. Which KIA Tigers player do you like? why?

Class: 175 ??

Group: 3 ??


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