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November 19, 2009

World Cup

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-advance: to make progress

-eliminate: to get rid of or exclude

-organize: to form something into an organic whole

-qualification: a an official record that one has completed a training or
performed satisfactorily in an examination

South Africa World Cup

next year in South Africa FIFA hold world cup! Do you know world cup?
In 1930 world cup was held first in uruguay and every 4 year world cup
was held except breaking out some big event.

Now 26 teams advance in main round. In Europe Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia,
Germany, Spain, England, Serbia, Italy, Netherlands advance in main round,
In Asia Australia, Japan, South and North Korea do, In Africa South Africa,
Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire do, In North and South America USA,
Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina do and New Zealand advance
through play off. 12 teams still fight for advancing main round. Soon 32 teams
will be complete and are organized each main round group.On the other hands
Strong countries like Sweden and Czech were eliminated in qualification round.
And France, Portugal, Uruguay are in elimined danger.

When we watch sports we are interested in world records. World cup also have
many World records. For example Brazil recorded the most winner team (5 times)
, Pele recorded the most winning experience (3 times), Ronaldo record the mosta
goal in world cup main round (15 goals) and his record will be able to be broken by
him. It’s fun that we watch World cup to think upside writing.



Discussion Questions

1) How many countries advance in main round now?
2) When were World Cup held first? and Where were World Cup held first?
3) What team record the most winner team in World Cup?
4) How many goals Ronaldo make in World Cup?’

Group 4 (of Class 67)


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