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November 23, 2009

Final Exams

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Final Written Exam

Wednesday, December 2nd

– Class # 138

Thursday, December 3rd

– Classes # 32 and 102

Friday, December 4th

– Classes 67, 172, and 175

— — — — —

Final Speaking Test

From Monday, December 7th to Friday, December 11th

– All Classes

— — — — —

Final Written Exam

= Vocabulary

+ How to begin a telephone conversation

(formally, informally, and directly)

+ How to end a telephone conversation

(formally, informally, and directly)

+ How to interrupt a telephone conversation

+ How to restart a telephone conversation

+ What can you say when you hear a lot of noise on the line?

+ What can you say when you start a voice-mail message?

+ What can you say when you ask to speak to someone?

+ What can you say when you call a stranger by mistake?

+ What can you say when you want someone to return your call?

— — — — —


— — — — —

All Classes

instant messaging:
(noun) a system on the Internet which makes it possible to send messages quickly between two people using the system

text message:
(noun) a written message, usually containing words with letters left out, sent from one mobile phone (= a telephone that you can carry with you) to another

video conferencing:
(noun) when two or more people who are in different parts of the world can talk to each other and see each other on television screens

(noun) a camera which records moving pictures and sound and allows these to be shown on the Internet as they happen

(verb) to stop an action or activity, usually for a short time

— — — — —

Class 32

– Enthusiasm :
Enthusiasm is great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity which you like and enjoy or which you think is important.

– Honor :
An honour is a special award that is given to someone, usually because they have done something good or because they are greatly respected.

– Value :
If you value something or someone, you think that they are important and you appreciate them.

mature : is the age or stage when an organism can reproduce. It is sometimes considered synonymous with adulthood, though the
two are distinct. In humans, the process of sexually maturing is termed puberty.

sterile : primarily refers to the biological inability of a person to contribute to conception. Sterile may also refer to the
state of a woman who is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term.

prosecution : is the legal party responsible for presenting the case against an individual suspected of breaking the law in a
criminal trial.

. acquaintance:
An acquaintance is someone who you have met and know slightly, but not well.

. gadget
A gadget is a small machine or device which does something useful

Superstition is belief in things that are not real or possible, for example magic.

*conscription : officially making people in a particular country join the armed forces.

*wilderness : a desert or other area of natural land which is not used by people.

*draft : The draft is the practice of ordering people to serve in the armed forces, usually for a limited period of time.

— — — — —

Class 102

– Unique : Something that is the only one of its kind.

– Extraordinary : having some extremely good or special quality.

– Spotlight : If something has particular problem or situation, it makes people notice it and think about it.

Durable: Something that is durable is strong and lasts a long time without breaking or becoming weaker.

Acute: An acute illness is one that becomes severe very quickly but does not last very long. Compare chronic.

Pneumonia: Pneumonia is a serious disease which affects your lungs and makes it difficult for you to breathe.

– Plagiarism : The practice of using or copying someone else’s idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it.

– Controversial : The subject of intense public argument, disagreement, or disapproval.

– Alleged : An alleged fact has been stated but has not been proved to be true.

– abundant : Something that is abundant is present in large quantities

– cumulative : If a series of events have a cumulative effect, each event makes the effect greater

– inaugurate : When a new leader is inaugurated, they are formally given their new position at an official ceremony

. Operation
A surgeon cuts open their body in order to remove, replace, or repair a disease or damaged part.

. Addict
An addict is someone who takes harmful drugs and cannot stop taking them.

. Side effect
The effect that a drug has on you in addition to its function of curing illness or pain.

rape – to force somebody to have sex with you when they do not want to by threatening them or using violence

permanently – lasting for a long time or for all time in the future

threaten – If something or someone threatens a person or thing, they are likely to harm that person or thing

investigate: If someone, especially an official, investigates an event, situation, or claim, they try to find out what happened or what is the truth.

abbreviation: An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase, made by leaving out some of the letters or by using only the first letter of each word.

representative:A representative is a person who has been chosen to act or make decisions on behalf of another person or a group of people.

— — — — —

Class 138

debut : The debut of a performer or sports player is their first public performance, appearance, or recording.

prototype : If you say that someone or something is a prototype of a type of person or thing, you mean that they are the first or most typical one of that type.

tremendous : You use tremendous to emphasize how strong a feeling or quality is, or how large an amount is.

Constant :You use constant to describe something that happens all the time or is always there.

tendency : tendency is a worrying or unpleasant habit or action that keeps occurring.

attitude :Your attitude to something is the way that you think and feel about it, especially when this shows in the way you behave.

Drastically : If you describe a study, search, or list as drastically, you mean that it is very thorough and complete.

Bulimia : Bulimia or bulimia nervosa is an illness in which a person has a very great fear of becoming fat, and so they make themselves vomit after eating

Anorexia : Anorexia or anorexia nervosa is an illness in which a person has an overwhelming fear of becoming fat, and so refuses to eat enough and becomes thinner and thinner

Capable: having ability, especially in many different fields

Hemorrhage: flow of blood from a ruptured blood vessels

Fragile: able to be broken easily

— — — — —

Class 172

*prophet : a person who claims to know what will happen in the future.

*rotation : the action of an object moving in a circle around a central fixed point.

*upheaval : a big change that causes a lot of confusion, worry and problems.

Pedestrian : A person who is walking in street (not traveling in a vehicle)

Sidewalk : A path with a hard surface by the side of a road

Establish : To start or create an organization, a system, etc.

frustrate : to make (someone) feel disappointed, useless, lacking a purpose in life, etc.

clarify : to make or become clearer or easier to understand

generation : the act or process of producing something, e.g. electricity or ideas

* preventive : intended to stop something you do not want to happen, such as illness, from happening

* offender : someone who is guilty of a crime

* surveillance : when the police, army, etc watch a person or place carefully because they may be connected with criminal activities

(verb) to include someone or something as an important part

(verb) to influence someone or something, or cause them to change

(adjective) being the same size, shape, amount, etc.

respiratory : relating to breathing.

chronic:illness or disability which lasts for a very long time.

diarrhea : condition of having frequent loose or liquid bowel movements.

* Plagiarism : Plagiarism is the practice of using or copying someone else’s idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it.

* Copyright : If someone has copyright on a piece of writing or music, it is illegal to reproduce or perform it without their permission.

*Violate (noun form = violation): If someone violates an agreement, law, or promise, they break it.

— — — — —

Class 67

– emblem : an allegorical picture, often inscribed with a motto supplemental to the visual image with which it forms a single unit of meaning.

– clash : to engage in a physical conflict or contest, as in a game or a battle

-dugout : a roofed structure enclosed on three sides and with the fourth side open and facing the playing field, usually with the floor below ground level, where the players sit when not on the field

-advance: to make progress

-eliminate: to get rid of or exclude

-qualification: a an official record that one has completed a training or
performed satisfactorily in an examination

. Establish : If someone establishes something such as an organization, a type of activity, or a set of rules, they create
it or introduce it in such a way that it is likely to last for a long time. And If you establish contact with someone, you
start to have contact with them.

. Reputation : To have a reputation for something means to be known or remembers for it. And Something’s or someone’s
reputation is the opinion that people have about how good they are. If you have a good reputation, people think they are good

. Criticise = Criticize : If you criticize someone or something, you express your disapproval of them by saying what you
think is wrong with them

. attempt: If you attempt to do something, especially something difficult, you try to do it.

. elegant : If you describe a person or thing as elegant, you mean that they are pleasing and graceful in appearance or

. medley : In music, a medley is a collection of different tunes or songs that are played one after the other as a single
piece of music.

International : 1. International means between or involving different countries.
2. In sport, an international is a game that is played between teams representing two different countries.
3. An international is a member of a country’s sports team.

quantity : 1. A quantity is an amount that you can measure or count.
2. Things that are produced or available in quantity are produced or available in large amounts.

. unscripted- talk or speech is made without detailed preparation, rather than being read out

. impromptu-action is one that you do without planning or organizing it in advance

. slapstick- a simple type of comedy in which the actors behave in a rough and foolish way

. texture : The texture of something is the way that it feels when you touch it, for example how smooth or rough it is.

. attainment: The attainment of an aim is the achieving of it.

. abundant: Something that is abundant is present in large quantities.

— — — — —

Class 175

concussion : a violent shaking or jarring of the brain, caused by injury to the head.

revoke : to cancel or make (a will, agreement, etc) no longer valid

conference : a formally organized gathering for the discussion of matters of common interest or concern

* acquaintance : An acquaintance is someone who you have met and know slightly, but not well.

* encourage : If you encourage someone, you give them confidence,

* pregnant : If a woman or female animal is pregnant, she has a baby or babies developing in her body.

. wyvern: an imaginary animal that has two legs and wings and looks like a dragon

. inning: one of the nine playing periods in a game of baseball or softball

. pennant: a long, pointed flag

*kidnap – to take sb away illegally and keep them as a prisoner, especially in order to get money or sth else for returning

*condemn – to express very strong disapproval of sb/ sth usually for moral reasons

*sentence – the punishment given by a court

– controversial
If you describe something or someone as controversial, you mean that they are the subject of intense public argument,
disagreement, or disapproval.

– track
If you track animals or people, you try to follow them by looking for the signs that they have left behind, for example the
marks left by their feet.

– comment
A comment is something that you say which expresses your opinion of something or which gives an explanation of it.

. Derogatory: If you make a derogatory comment about SBY or STH, you express your low opinion of them

. As of: After now

. Witch hunt: When people look for somebody to blame and punish

— — — — —

Discussion Questions

— — — — —

All Classes

– Which method of communication do you prefer? Why?

– What are the pros of text messaging?

– What are the pros of cell-phones?

– What are the cons of text messaging?

– What are the cons of cell-phones?

– It it better to have a digital camera or a regular camera? Why?

– It it better to shop online or in a store?

– It it better to have a cell phone or a regular phone?

– It it better to leave a message with a person or on voice mail?

– It it better to use e-mail or text messaging with friends?

– Do you think you’ll live in another country someday?

– What are your goals for the next five years?

– Describe some of these people in detail.


— — — — —

Class 32

– Which Korean baseball team do you cheer for? Why do you cheer for them?

– What do you think about the punishments given to sexual criminals? Why?

– How did you feel when you took the College Entrance Exam? Why?

– Only Korean men have to do military duties. Women don’t. What do you think about that?

– What are the cons of plastic surgery?

– Should people be able to do anything in a parody? If not, what should they not be able to do? Why?

— — — — —

Class 102

– Do you agree with Korea University’s decision to give Kim Yu-na special admission? Why or why not?

– What have you done to prevent the spread of influenza?

– If someone plagiarises, how should they be punished? Why?

– What’s your favorite sport? Why?

– Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery? Why or why not?

– Which movie impressed you the most? Why?

– What do you think about the “Na-yeong Incident”?

— — — — —

Class 138

– Which group do you like better, the Wonder Girls or Girls’ Generation? Why?

– Which do you believe in more, Murphy’s Law or Sally’s Law? Why?

– Are you satisfied with your body shape? Why or why not?

– Do you agree or disagree with plastic surgery? Why?

— — — — —

Class 172

– If today were the end of the world, what would you do?

– How often do you ride bicycles? Where do you ride them?

– Do you think Park Jae-beom (of 2PM) could return to the entertainment business? Why or why not?

– Do you agree with revealing offenders’ identities? Why or why not?

– Which girl groups do you like? Why?

– Do you think H1N1 is very dangerous? Why or why not?

– How do you think we can solve the problem of plagiarism?

— — — — —

Class 67

– Which Kim Yu-na commercial do you like better, the one for yoghurt or the one for air conditioners? Why?

– How many countries have advanced to the main round of the 2010 World Cup? What are some of those countries?

– Will Park Ji-sung’s time finally come after Christian Ronald leaves for the Real Madrid soccer club? Why?

– What is your favorite baseball team? Why?

– Do you like any brands? Which ones do you like? Why?

– What kind of TV program do you like best? Why?

— — — — —

Class 175

– What do you think about the “Volleyball Player” incident?

– What do you think about becoming pregnant before you get married?

– Do you like baseball? Why or why not?

– How can we prevent another “Na-yeong Incident”?

– What do you think about the statement, by the girl from “Misuda,” about “losers”?

– If you are on a bridge, and suddenly the bridge begins to break. What will you do?

– What do you think about what Park Jae-beom (of 2PM) did?

– Who is your favorite Hollywood actor and why?


You will be making appointments for your Final Speaking Exams.

Do not be late for your appointment.
You might miss your exam, and will be marked absent.

If you miss your exam, you will be marked absent for the whole week (three hours).

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