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November 24, 2009

Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

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the appearance-for-appearance principle : Attention which appearance yearns overly in appearance believing superiority and inferiority and success and failure between individual that I do cutting

–> the belief that attractive people have more ability

jawbones plastic surgery : make faces slimmer by shaving jawbones.

cheekbones plastic surgery : surgical operation that I trim protruding cheekbone.

side effect:
(noun) another effect that a drug has on your body in addition to the main effect for which the doctor has given you the drug


nowadays, korean plastic surgery population is increasing. as well as a technology is good, because the price is also cheap relatively than the other country. As 13~43 age woman 68% of our society influences greatly appearance in success and failure of life, that woman 78% of our society cultivates appearance is not flavor but I examined by Cheil-Communications that I think it is essential component of life. Also, plastic surgeons according to investigation Hongik-University street, 1 person among 2 people did plastic surgery and 6 people among university students in the 10 Hongik-University library did plastic surgery. a lot of plastic surgery is done on ordinary people’s eyes, nose and teeth. and the cost of eyes operation is approximately 1,200,000won, nose is 2,000,000won, teeth is 5,000,000won. entertainers even do cheekbone, jawbones, lips plastic surgery. the cost of cheekbone operation is approximately 6.000.000won, jawbones too. and lips operation is approximately 1,000,000won.
Though most of entertainers did plastic surgery, the following is the example.

Development of this plastic surgery has positive page, but cause a lot of side effects. there is facial abnomal change first by the example of side effect. the following is the example.

secondly, plastic surgery helps that appearance-for-appearance principle that is social problem. these appearance-for-appearance principle estranges able person. Meaning of this speech can know through next data. Recently, according to plastic surgery and Internet recruit company cooperation investigation doing to 1264 job seekerses, 98% out of them responded “appearance affects in an employment” and greeting person said “I consider appearance” when 98% among 584 enterprise’s greeting person in charges that I extract them employs. also according to “Paran communication live report”, people were expose by thing which think that people can guess standard of living through other person’s appearance. in addition to, social side effect by plastic surgery is deformity of medicine, sexual culture commercialization and so on.
therefore, we must correct appearance-for-appearance principle that is these social climate as quickly as possible.

discuss question

1. what do you think about “Appearance affects in employment.”?

–> Do you think that appearances affect the chances of finding a job?

2. Do you want plastic surgery too?

3. What is positive page by plastic surgery?

–> What are the pros of plastic surgery?

4. What is negative page by plastic surgery?

–> What are the cons of plastic surgery?

Class #32, Group #6


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  1. I think some of those examples you gave aren’t really great examples of people who had plastic surgery. Some just had their teeth fixed, just lost weight, pictured in a different angle, just had grown up and others just had a really good photographer, make-up artist and a good photoshop artist.

    Comment by Melvin — June 2, 2012 @ 3:59 am | Reply

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