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November 25, 2009

Different Military Systems

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*conscription : officially making people in a particular country join the armed forces.

*wilderness : a desert or other area of natural land which is not used by people.

*military : Military means relating to the armed forces of a country.

*draft : The draft is the practice of ordering people to serve in the armed forces, usually for a limited period of time.

Each country has a different Military System. so, we will dicuss about different Military System.
The military system of some countries is conscription.
There are Cuba, Israel, Malaysia, Mongolia, north korea, and south korea, etc.
The strong points of the conscription are that conscription is an ideal tool for teaching a population basic, important skills such as first aid, swimming, and wilderness survival,
and easy control of military power.
The weak points of the conscription are the cost of conscription imposes a heavy burden on goverment, and the suicide rate is
high in military.

The free conscription system is which people who would like to volunteer in the army applies for certain positions.
They have no such force by the nation to go to the army. Such systems as the volunteer system, militiaman system, and mercenary system is included.

the other Military system is military draft.
Many nations do not maintain conscription forces, instead relying on a volunteer or professional military most of the time,
although many of these countries still reserve the possibility of conscription for wartime and during times of crises.
For example nation adopted this system is Thailand.




1.How do you think about going to military?
2.Going to military depends on the distinction of sex. What do you think?
3.Have you ever thought about war? What do you think?

Class # 32 Group 5


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