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March 22, 2010

Starting and Stopping a Conversation

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Starting a Conversation

* Excuse me, I like your … .

(e.g. “Excuse me, I like your shirt. Where did you buy it?”)

* Are you a friend of … ?

(e.g. “Are you a friend of the host of the party?”)

* Could I ask you something?

* Could I ask … ?

* Can I ask … ?

(e.g. Can I ask if you know about the teacher?”)

Stopping a Conversation

* Would you excuse me?

* Well, I’d better be going.

* Well, I should be going.

* It’s been nice talking to you.

* Nice talking to you.

* I hope we get a chance to talk again sometime.


Pair Work

Step 1

(a) Students A and B read the information about the situation.

(b) Student A reads out to Student B.

(c) Student B begins a conversation.

(d) Students A and B talk for one-and-a-half (1 1/2) minutes.

(e) Student B ends conversation.

(f) Student As change their seats.

(All Student As move to the seat in front of them. The Student A in the front moves to the back.)

(g) Start again at (a).

Step 2

Vice versa.


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