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April 12, 2010


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Vocabulary Notebook

Page 30

Exercise 1

Complete the expressions.

feel better

feel sick

stay home

stay in bed

take a break

take medicine

Exercise 2

Complete the chart.

be sick

feel sick

get sick

do exercise

get exercise

do a checkup

get a checkup

go to a checkup

have a checkup

be stressed

feel stressed

get stressed

get allergies

have allergies

get a headache

have a headache

be home

get home

go home

stay home

take home (take sth home)

be in shape

feel in shape

get in shape

stay in shape

get a vacation

have a vacation

take a vacation

get a cough

have a cough

be healthy

feel healthy

get healthy

stay healthy

be a doctor

get a doctor

go to a doctor

have a doctor (go to the same doctor regularly, and you know each other)

see a doctor

Touchstone checkpoint: Units 1 — 3

Page 31

Exercise 1

– are … doing?

– have

– are … doing

– are/’re planning


Are … doing

Are … listening

– is/’s

is/’s playing


– is

Does … want


Are … kidding?

Exercise 2

1. them

2. us

3. me

4. him/us

5. her

6. it

Exercise 5

– How’s school?

– Are you serious?

– What do you want to do?

– No way! What kind of music?

– What instruments do you play?

– Not well, but I’d love to play in a band.

– Yeah? I am too.

– Me too. I have my first piano lesson today!


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