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May 10, 2010

Follow-Ups (Follow-Up Questions)

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What … ?

Where … ?

When … ?

What kind of … ?

How … ?

How long … ?

How far … ?

How late … ?

How big … ?


Using Follow-Up Questions is an important conversation skill.

We use them to:

– continue the conversation.

– get more details about a topic.

– show that we are listening.

– show that we understood.

– show interest.

When talking, first use a Rejoinder, then a Follow-Up Question.

Example 1:

A: How was the tennis match?

B: I won!

A: That’s great! Who did you play with?

Example 2:

A: We’re having problems with the car again.

B: Oh, no! What‘s the matter this time?


Introductory Exercise One — Answers

3. A: Oh, really? That’s late. What were you doing until midnight?

5. A: I see. Where did you go?

8. B: Really? What kind of test?

10. B: Oh, no! How long are you going to study for it?

12. B: You’re kidding! How many words are on the test?

13. A: About 30 words, and they are very hard.


During your Final Speaking Exams, I want to hear you use Rejoinders and Follow-Up Questions.


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