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May 11, 2010

Xtreme sports viersions of inline skating

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Glossaly Glossary:

boots : boots are seem to shoes for in-line skates

a strong shoe that covers your foot and part of your leg

Frame : Frame are boots and wheels connects Iron

the basic structure of a building, vehicle, or piece of furniture that other parts are added onto

Xtream extreme sports : Extreme sports are considered dangerous activities in which the participants experience the rush of adrenaline


We will introduce xtreme sports versions of in-line skating.
There three examples: slalom, aggressive and speed skating.

First, in slalom, you try to aboid cones while background music is played on speakers.
in-line skate for slalom have different parts. The frame is shorter than the common skate, both sides of the
wheel are small the middle of the wheel is big. because of the wheels, the ankles are flexible which allow skater to show skate

Second, Have you ever seen skater who can skate on the edge of stairs or rails? That is aggresive style.
aggressive style skates have a groove instead of middle wheels and the skates are very heavy

Finally.speed skating is just skating on the track. in-line skates have 5 big wheels

Regerences References:


Discussion questions

What do you think about xtreme sports?

which extreme sports do you like best? why?

which extreme sports do you dislike the most? why?

Class # 34

(group 4, ¹ÚÀçÈÆ, Á¤¼þ¿ì, ÃÖÁ¾¼º)


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