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May 14, 2010

-Title : Everland

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-Glossary :

amusement :(noun) the process of getting or providing pleasure and enjoyment.
charactor character :(noun) a quality that makes someone or something special and interesting.
fantastic :(adjective) extremely good, attractive, enjoyable etc:
fire work :(noun) small container filled with powder that burns or explodes to produce coloured lights and noise in the sky.
laser :(noun) a piece of equipment that produces a powerful narrow beam of light that can be used in medical operations,
to cut metals, or to make patterns of light for entertainment.
scenery :(noun) the natural features of a particular part of a country that you can see, such as mountains, forests, deserts etc.
representative : (adjective) typical of a particular group or thing.

-Text : Everland is the most big theme park in Korea. we will show about Everland.

Everland is one of the most famous amusement parks in korea.
There are many Rides in everland.

T-express is one of the Roller coasters.
It is made of wood.
And, it’s very big and fast.
So, it’s very scary but very interesting!

There are different kinds of animals in Safari :
Tigers, White tigers, Lions, Bears, Zebra, Giraffes, and Liger!!
Liger is a mix of Tiger and Lion.

“The Dream of Laciun” is a big event in everland.
Laciun is everland’s character.
There are big laser shows and fantastic fire works shows.

Canival fantasy parade is the representative parade in Everland.
We can dance with many foreign people and have many things to see.

These days, A tulip festival is being held in Everland,
Many tulips give out a sweet smell.
The scenery is very beautiful.

Caribbean bay is the most famous water park in korea.
Especially, the huge slide of Caribbean bay is thrilling and exciting, although there is long waiting time.

-References :

-Discussion Questions :
1. Have you ever been to Everland?
2. If so, What is your feeling? If so, how did you feel?
3. What would you like to riding ride in Everland?

Class # 69

-Group# :6
-Member’s names : Kim Sung hee, Kim Jeong rae, Park sae won.


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