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May 19, 2010


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1. depend[VERB] : used to say that you cannot give a definite answer to something because your answer will be affected by something else
2. device[NOUN] : a machine or tool that does a special job
3. pin[VERB] : to fasten something somewhere, or to join two things together, using a pin
4. prefer[VERB] : to like someone or something more than someone or something else, so that you would choose it if you could
5. anniversary[NOUN] : a date on which something special or important happened in a previous year.
6. refrigerator[NOUN] : a large piece of electrical kitchen equipment, shaped like a cupboard, used for keeping food and drink cool
7. corsage[NOUN] : a group of small flowers that a woman fastens to her clothes on a special occasion such as a wedding

These days, people are giving, or sometimes exchanging gifts on special days. Today, we will talk about the ‘gift culture’ between two close people. Gifts can mean differently depend on which day it is. For example, on birthday it will mean congratulations, and on parents’ day it will mean thanks. Gifts have so many means, so it is important to give a right gift at a right time.

First, we will talk about what couples are presenting to their girlfriends and boyfriends on their anniversaries. For example, on one hundred days, most couple exchange presents. This picture is about Kang HyeJung got Tablo a hand-made T-shirts on their one hundred day. [1]

Also, an actor Ha JungWoo presented a gift as large as a refrigerator box to his girlfriend Ku EunAe.

Most couple exchange couple rings, not exactly when, but mostly on one hundred days.[2] Also, a boy sometimes gives girlfriend a teddy bear. A doll is the girl’s most wanted present from boyfriend.

On parents’ day, children buy presents for their parents to show their thanks. Red carnation corsages are the most popular gifts to give to parents. Children make or sometimes buy those corsages to put on their parents. It does not have to be the real parents. This picture is about a boy pinning a carnation to the grandmothers who were victims from Japanese colonial era. [3]

Every December, 24th is a Christmas Eve when children get presents from Santa Clause. They preferred clothing the most. For boys, small electronic devices such as MP3 player were the second most wanted gifts, and for girls, jewelry was the second.[4] These presents are not from Santa the fairy, but from parents.

Discussion Questions
1. What presents do you wish to receive on your birthday? Why?
2. What would you react or say How would you react or what would you say if you got a gift and don’t like it?
3. What kinds of presents did you give to your parents on this parents’ day?
4. Why do you think people are exchanging the exchange presents?

Group #6
김호연, 유명한, 조윤경, 하나


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