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May 19, 2010

The Best Roller Coasters in the World

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1.thrill /noun[c]/ a strong felling feeling of excitement and pleasure
2.debute debut /verb[i]/first time that a performer or sports player performs in public
3.hydraulic /adjective/ using water power to produce electricity
4.seesaw /noun[c]/a piece of equipment which children play on outdoors
5.amusement /noun[c,u]/something that entertains you and makes time pass in an enjoyable way

Our topic is special roller coaster.
We will shoe you many roller coaster in the world.
We divide roller coaster by speed, originality.
First, we will show you the two faster roller coaster.
How fast do you think these roller coaster are?
It might get you interested.

“Top Thrill Dragster” is the second-fastest roller coaster in the world.
It is located at cedar point, in Ohio of the USA.
It is made of steel and debuted to the public on May 4,2003.
It uses a Hydraulic Launch System that only two roller coasters in existence use.
Its speed is 193km/h, Its height is 128m, Its length is 853.4m.

and, I will introduce the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world.

Its name is “KingDa Ka”
It is a roller coaster similar to “Top Thrill Dragster”.
but a parabola track and extended length of track was added, upgrading its height and speed.
It is located at Six Flags Great Adventure, in New Jersey of the USA.
It also uses a Hydraulic Launch System like “Top Thrill Dragster”
Its speed is 206km/h, Its height is 139m, Its length is 950.4m.
It was debuted to the public on May 21,2005.

Next, we will introduce you a peculiur the roller coaster course.

The roller coaster in the picture above is the “Diving coaster, Vanish” in Japan , Yokohama cosmoworld.

It looks like it will enter a lake,but actually it passes through a tunnel excatived in the middle of the lake.

and, the roller coaster in the picture above is the “Thunder Dolphin” in Tokyo Laqua.
It is the ninth-fastest roller coaster in the world. and it dashes among high buildings in Tokyo at 130km/h.

Finally, this is a picture of the “Strato Sphere”

The Strato Sphere is a tower in Lasvegas.
Of course, we are introducing roller coasters.
The reason we are showing you the Strato Sphere is to inform you about th roller coaster.
On top of it, which we think the most special
it is named X-scream.

It was a height of 264m and is the world’s third highest a musement ride, looks like a seesaw.

and, if you ride it at night you can see a beautiful night view of Lasvegas.

LONGMAN Active Study Dictionary/PEARSON Longman/

-Discussion Questions-
1. Which roller coaster would you like to that try ride try? why?
2. Which amusement park ride do you think is the best you have ridden? why?
3. Why do you think people like the thrill of it amusement park rides?

class #103
group # 5

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  1. Nice post. I loved it

    Comment by Mark Doyle — August 10, 2011 @ 5:28 pm | Reply

  2. WTF who gets on these rides? they are crazy i cant even handle the roar at 6 flags

    Comment by mahoganiewilliams — June 12, 2013 @ 5:09 pm | Reply

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