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May 20, 2010


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-X-Games:extreme sports

–> extreme sport: (noun) a sport that is very dangerous and exciting

-BMX:Bicycle Motocross

–> motocross: (noun) the sport of racing over rough ground on specially strengthened motorcycles


–> (noun) when you try to achieve a plan, activity, or situation, usually over a long period of time

Psychological:with a person’s mind and thoughts

–> (adjective) relating to the human mind and feelings

There are many young people like X-Games.Tony Hawker and Andy Mcdonald are more famous than Michael Jorden in many young people’s eyes.But what is the X-Games?
X-Games is a media term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger.These activities often involve speed, height, high level of physical exertion, and spectacular stunts.Like base jumping,BMX freestle,kite surfing,rock climbing,mountion biking and commonly seen skateboarding.

The history of several core X-Games can be traced back to the splintering of the ancient Polynesian leisure activity now known as surfing, and the skateboard.X-Games widely loved by young people and spread in tens of years before.And the first extreme sport games were held in Newport, Providence, Mount Snow and Vermont in US in 1995.But now extreme sports are received by young people from all of the world.
There will be more and more people like X-Games,Because it pursue the competitive sports’ spirit of beyond the own limitations.The most important things are participation and courageous spirit,the pursuit of psychological obstacles in the corss gained pleasure and sense of achievement.
Discussion Questions
Would you like to try any X-Games?why?
How What do you think about X-Games?

Class # 34

Group # 6


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