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May 24, 2010

Final Speaking Exam

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Week 15 (appointment to be made later)

All Classes

– Are you going to do anything special for your next birthday?

– What are you doing Friday night?

– Do you go to a restaurant to celebrate birthdays and stuff?

– Are you into traditional music and stuff like that?

– When you were a child, did you get into trouble with your parents? Tell me about it.

– When you were a child, did you have a close friend? Tell me about him or her.

Class 137

– What is the most important celebration in May to you?
Why do you think it’s important?

– What is your favorite place on Jeju Island?

– What kind of festival do you want to go to?

– What would you do if an earthquake suddenly occurred?

– If you had a lover, where would you most want to go with him or her?

– Why do you think Choi Jin-young committed suicide?

Class 103

How would you react or what would you say if you got a gift and don’t like it?

What is your favorite place to hang out?

Which roller coaster would you like to try?

Who do you like best from among Manchester United Football Club’s members?

What do you usually do in your free time between classes?

What do you think about Lee Hyori’s plagiarism controversy?

What do you think Kim Yu-na will decide to do in the future?

Class 34

How can we have fun without drinking?

Which Japanese comics or animated movies do you know? (Please describe them)

Which extreme sports do you like best?

Why does F-1 need “racing girls”?

What are the negative effects of Asian dust?

Do you think the government should reward athletes who tried their best but didn’t get medals?

Would you like to try any X-Games? Why?

Class 171

Are there famous restaurants around Inha University? Tell me about them.

Which European city would you like to tour most? Why?

Do you think that star couples’ babies enjoy being the center of attention? Why or why not?

Why do you think people write and produce “nonsense dramas”?

Which girl group is your favorite? And why?

Class 69

What is your favorite foreign food? And why?

If you had an avatar (like in the movie “Avatar“), how would you feel?

What kind of traditional clothing do you want to try (to wear)? Why?

What would you like to ride in Everland?

Which computer games or arcade games do you like to play most? Why?

What are the characteristics of the best ads? (What are the best ads like?)

How to do well in your Final Speaking Exam

–> complete sentences

–> details

Question: How do you stay in shape?


Answer: “Gym.”


Answer: “I go to the gym.”


Answer: “I go to the gym three times a week.”


Answer: “I go to the gym three times a week. There, I jog on the treadmill for twenty minutes.”


Answer: “I go to the gym three times a week. There, I jog on the treadmill for twenty minutes. I also do a little weightraining.”

* Not using Rejoinders or Follow-ups (Follow-up Questions) –> downgrade

You don’t have to use Rejoinders and Follow-ups every time.

You only have to do each one time during the Exam.

* Hesitations, pauses, or very slow answers –> downgrade

e.g. “Ummm … I go to the gym … uhhh … three times a week. There, I … 뭐지? … jog on the treadmill for … 뭐라고? … twenty minutes.”

–> “C”-quality


How many questions you answer is not important.

How well you answer the questions is important.

Quality is more important than quantity.


Do not be late!

You and your partner only have 10 minutes for this test. That is only 5 minutes for each student.

It is worth 30% of your final grade.

So, for every minute you are late, you will lose 6 marks.


Do not miss your appointment!

I only have one week to test all of my students, so I cannot reschedule.

So if you miss your appointment, you miss the test, and you get 0 out of 30%

Also, you will be marked absent for the whole week (3 hours).



  1. using Rejoinders or Follow-ups (Follow-up Questions)

    What Follow-ups Questions mean?

    Does it means Discussion Questions?

    Comment by choi su hyeok — June 5, 2010 @ 4:23 am | Reply

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