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May 24, 2010

*Title : The Seoul Tour

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-stop by (somewhere) : (phrasal verb)
to visit someone for a short time, usually on the way to another place
-specialty : (noun subject) a subject that someone knows a lot about
-brunch : (noun)a meal eaten in the late morning; a combination of breakfast and lunch
-theater : (noun) A theatre is a building with a stage in it, on which plays, shows, and other performances take place.
-gallery : (noun) A gallery is a place that has permanent exhibitions of works of art in it.
-unique : being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusual or special in some way
-theme park : a large permanent area for public entertainment, with entertaining activities and big machines to ride on or play games on, restaurants, etc., all connected with a single subject
-facility : a place, especially including buildings, where a particular activity happens

1. Tour with Friends – Daehangno

Daehangno is the street from Jongno 5-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul to Hyehwadong rotary.
Total length 1.6km. In the past, Seoul national University was located near this street so that called ‘Daehangno’ (means Univ street) [1]Daehangno are populate place for young people. Thare are lots of theaters ,beautiful resturants, gallarys and Live Jazz Clubs. Marronier Park in this area is place to relax and holding amature performance.[2]

2. Tour with Foreigner – Itaewon
You could say Itaewon is Korea’s main residential area for foreigners.
and toady, the Itaewon is appointed the first Special Tourist Zone as most foreign tourist on 1997.
many foreigners visits the Korea, they are surely stop by the Itaewon.
there are shopping areas, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist hotels, general hospitals, and others.
it especially was shopping areas are very famous since the 88 olympic.
shopping areas of the Itaewon are filled various unique clothes, accessories, and others.
so the Itaewon is popular to not only foreigner but Korean. also if you go the Itaewon, you could experience various and special food of the world.
but there is one cons. that is not low price. but it is not all. in addiction, the Itaewon have National Museum of Korea and War Memorial of Korea.

As above, Itawon is famous as fashion.
The ‘Kim’s boutique’ is very famous as speciality store. because the Kim’s boutique sells the Hollywood style of unique design with cheaply.
the clothes of this place equal to famous hollywood actors like Sienna Miller, Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton are dressed clothes.[3]

the Flying Pan Blue is famous as brunch, this place is more famous to Korean than tourist or foreigner.
this restaurant offers various kind of coffee, brunch, salad, and others. I said that the Flying Pan blue is famous as brunch.
menu of the that(;brunch) is Australia style food. and, If you will go this place, you could pay price per one person is 10,000~ 20,000.
for reference, there are the Flying Pan Pink and the Flying Pan Blue in the Itaewon, and as well there is the new Flying Pan White at the Shinsadong.

3.Tour with Couple – Sam-chung Dong

Walking along Sam-chung Dong Street will be a good date.
Traditional buildings and modern buildings are in harmony.
Sam-chung Dong Street has many alleyways.
The alleyways are formed of good food restaurants,
good mood cafes and so on.
Finding famous places in Sam-chung Dong Street will be a good time.

Have you ever heard hanok?
honok(ÇÑ¿Á) is Korean traditional houses.
these days, in cities, it is difficult to see hanok, but there are hanok in Bukchon Hanok Village.
from a recent drama named ‘ °³ÀÎÀÇ ÃëÇâ’ a Korean traditional house called ‘»ó°íÀç’ is fascinating.
It’s very attractive since you could feel relaxed even in the middle of a city surrounded by concrete.
How about walking through the pure roads of ºÏÃÌÇÑ¿Á¸¶À» with your true lover.

CheongGye Square is usually said Cheong-Gye Cheon.
Sometimes there are couples dipping their feet in Cheong-Gye Cheon.
Walking along Cheong-Gye Cheon and looking around a night view of Cheong-Gye Cheon make a date more romantic.
If you had a date with someone who you love, you would feel him(or her) more lovely.

4. Tour with Family

We want to explain Seoul¡¯s favorite place touring with family
First, the War Memorial of Korea.
This place is unique war history museum in Korea and memorial hall of ¡®the June 25th war of Korea¡¯.
It explain history of Korean War, expeditionary force (we dispatch other country) and weapon using Korean War like Tank, missile

Second, park of Seoul

Park of Seoul constructed in 2005 and it is very similar to central park in New York and Hyde Park in U.K [4]
Park of Seoul has five theme parks (1st Culture and Arts Park 2nd Eco Forest 3th Experiential Learning Park 4th. Marsh Plants Garden 5th Hangang Riverside Park)
so we can play recreation and take a rest with family.[5]
And there are Sports Facilities in park of Seoul. So we can play soccer, basket ball, skate, badminton and croquet also there is bicycle rentals [6]


10)Korea and memorial hall of 6.25
11)Park of Seoul
12)Pagoda of Memorial hall of the War

*Discussion Questions
-If you had a lover, where would you most want to go with him(or her)?

-Have you ever been to one of these places? If you have been going, when?

Is there anywhere nice to go except for these in Seoul?

In additions to these places, are there other nice places to go to in Seoul?

-When is Korean war started did the Korean War start?

-Who is winner about Korean war won the Korean War?

*Class # 137
*Group# 2
*Member : ÀÌ¿µ¼­, ±èÈ¿°æ, ÀÌÀº¼±, ÀÓ°ÇÀÏ


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