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September 16, 2010

Vocabulary Review # 1

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Unit 7: Vocabulary Review

bargain: (noun) something that is sold for less than its usual price or its real value

– example sentence: “At $8.95, it’s a bargain.”

currency: (noun) the units of money used in a particular country

grotto: (noun) a small cave

inflatable: (adjective) when an object has to be filled with air before you can use it

itinerary: (noun) a detailed plan of a trip or a list of places that you plan to visit on a journey

– example sentence: “We planned our itinerary several weeks before the trip.”

– example sentence: “The President’s itinerary includes visits to Boston and New York.”

jumbo jet: (noun) a very large aircraft for carrying passengers

parasol: (noun) a type of umbrella used for protection from the sun (especially by women)

Puerto Rico: (noun) an island in the Caribbean Sea. The people there have U.S. citizenship and speak Spanish and English. Ricky Martin is from there.

sailboard/windsurfer: (noun) a narrow board with a sail fixed to it which you hold, standing up, while the wind blows you along the surface of a sea or lake

snorkel: (noun) a tube that you use to help you breathe if you are swimming with your face under water

suitcase: (noun) a rectangular case with a handle that you use for carrying clothes when you are travelling

tropical: (adjective) from or in the hottest parts of the world

weather forecast: (noun) a description of what the weather will be like


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