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November 1, 2010

F1, Touched my heart.

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*standstill[noun] :a situation in which all movement or activity has stopped
*maintain[verb] :NOT CHANGE to make a situation or activity continue in the same way
*minimize[verb]: to make the amount of something that is unpleasant or not wanted as small as possible
*resistance[noun]: FIGHT when someone fights against someone who is attacking them
*legendary[adjective]: FAMOUS very famous
*incredibly[adverb]: EXTREMELY INFORMAL extremely
*organizer[noun]:someone who plans an event or activity
*typhoon[noun]:violent storm with very strong winds
*worsen[verb]:to become worse or to make something become worse
*roar[verb]:to make a long, loud, deep sound

Formula 1, which is famous for the highest speed on the ground and one of the most popular sports events, include including the olympic Olympics and the worldcup World Cup of soccer.[1] We will give a presentation about F1.
In 1950, in United Kingdom, there was the first World Driver’s Championship and today six hundred million people in the world watch F1 through their TVs.[1]

How much do you know about F1? The highest speed of F1 is around 320km/h and it takes just 2.4 seconds to reach 100km/h from standstill. Even when it turns a corner, with a driver’s skill , that is possible to maintain the speed over 100km/h. How amazing! The most updated engine and the body minimizing the air resistance make it possible.[2]

There are a lot of F1 teams such as Ferrari, Maclaren, Redbull and so on. They compete with each other in fit as well as on the track. Considering the that motor sports are booming in Japan, it’s a shame that we don’t have a F1 team yet.[3]

You might have heard about some famous drivers such as Schumacher, Alonso and Vettel. Schumacher is a legendary driver who has won the season champion seven times.[4] Alonso has won the Korean Grand Prix, and now he is ranked no.1 this season. Vettel is also a good driver, but unfortunately he had to give up the race in the Korean Grand Prix because of an engine problem.[5] They are paid incredibly high. Alonso, the Korean Grand Prix winner, is paid 45 billion won per year and other 24 F1 drivers are paid 10 billion won per year on avergae. Let’s compare them with football player. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most famous football player, is paid 20 billion won per year. Now you can guess how rich the F1 drivers are.[6]

What do you think about Fomula 1 Korean Grand Prix? Was it successful or ended in failure?

It has been continuously reported that the Korean GP failed because the organizer didn’t prepare properly and was caused to fall behind schedule by a typhoon and worsening weather.[7] However, we should accept that our motor industry has stepped ahead. This first Korean Grand Prix proved that we can manage the big F1 event and it is going to be better next time.
Now, are you ready to be extremely excited by the roar of the F1 engine??



How much What do you know about F1?
What do you think about a the high salary F1 drivers?  Why?
What do you think about Fomula 1 Korean Grand Prix? Was it successful or ended in failure?  Why do you think so?

[Class 100, Group 5]


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