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November 1, 2010

Festival of the world

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-festival: [NOUN] • a special day or period, usually in memory of a religious event, with its own social activities, food or ceremonies
• an organized set of special events, such as musical performances
-gather: [VERB]When people or animals gather, they come together in a group
-acid: [NOUN]any of various usually liquid substances which can react chemically with and sometimes dissolve other materials
-roots: origins
-prosperity : [NOUN] the state of being successful and having a lot of money
-farming: [NOUN] the activity of working on a farm or organizing the work there
-sacrificial victim: offered as a sacrifice

[sacrifice: (verb) to kill an animal and offer it to a god in a religious ceremony]

[sacrifice: (noun) something offered to a god in a religious ceremony, especially an animal that is killed, or the act of offering it]

-detractor: [NOUN] someone who criticizes something or someone, often unfairly
-fine art : [NOUN] drawings, paintings and sculptures that are admired for their beauty and have no practical use
-matador : [NOUN] a man who fights and kills bulls (= male cows) at a bullfight
-misconception:[NOUN] an idea which is wrong because it has been based on a failure to understand a situation
-million:[NUM] A million or one million is the number 1,000,000.
-march:[VERB] When soldiers march somewhere, or when a commanding officer marches them somewhere, they walk there with very regular steps, as a group


Festival of the world
Do you like festivals? Festivals are always active and lively. So festivals are crowded with people who want to enjoy. Today, we will introduce about ‘Festival of the world’. There are many festivals in the world. Among them, we selected some interesting and special festivals.

Have you ever seen this kind of pictue picture? Do you know what it is? This is ‘La Tomatina’ in sSpain. The Festival of the Tomato La Tomatina is the world’s biggest tomato festival.[1] More than 40,000 people from around the world gathered Wednesday in an eastern Spanish town Bunol.[2] It is called the “World’s Biggest Food Fight”. As many as 100 metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets for the hour-long battle.[3]
Do you want participate in this’ Tomato War Festival’? If you want, you must keep in mind some rules. First, you must mash up tomatoes before throwing them. Because hard tomatoes are dangerous and can injure people. Second, You must be puntual punctual. Throwing tomatoes are allowed for an hours only. Third, the end of the event, all participants should clean up the villige.[4]
If you are worried about the pollution, not to worry! Surprisingly, acid included in tomatoes make villige village more clean. How cool ‘la tomatina’!

When you haerd heard about ‘Red cape’ , what comes across your mind?
Do you know ‘Toros’? Toros`s is another name is for Bullfight. This is a traditional spain Spanish culture. From March to November, there are many bullfight games every sSunday. Bullfight traces its roots back to prosperity of farming and offer bulls to the gods as sacrificial victim.[5] It is often called a blood sport by its detractors. But it is regard as a fine art and not a sport as there are no elements of competition in the proceedings.[6] Generally 6 bulls appearances and Matador drives bulls crazy with red cape. [5] But it is a common misconception that the color red is supposed to anger the bull. Because bulls, in fact, are colorblind.[6] The performing continues untill bulls were killed by matador.[5] How What do you think about bullfights? Passionate or brutish?

In Germany, from the end of the sSeptember to October, ‘Oktoberfest’ is opened. What is the ‘Oktoberfest’? Oktoberfest is beer festival! It is one of the world’s famous 3th festival.[7] Oktoberfest begin, in mMunich eighteenten, a music festival opened until a five-days in Ludwig kings wedding.[8]
Millions of beer drinkers from around the world come to the gGermany for the world’s biggest and most famous beer festival, the Oktoberfest, which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year.
In the first day of the festival, many people, who wear traditional gGerman dress, marching to the mMunich.[9] People can drink nine hundred kinds of beer. It start day time. So many people drink beer and enjoy the festival whit dancing. The real Oktoberfest start in the night. So you care of don’t drink so many beers!





discussion questions:
• Have you ever participated in a special festival? If you have, talk about your experience.
• What kind of festivals do you want to go to? And why do you think so want to go?
• As you know, the bullfight performing continues untill bulls were killed by matador. How What do you think about bullfights? Passionate or brutish?
• Do you know some German beers? What`s your favorite beer brand?
• If you know about some other special festivals, introduce tell us about them.

[Class 100, Group 1]


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