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November 1, 2010

We‘ve got married-season 2 (Updated)

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*marry(verb) : to become the legally accepted husband or wife of (someone) in an official or religious ceremony
*imaginary(adjective) : existing only in the mind; not real
*marital(adjective) : connected with marriage
*individual(noun) : a single person or thing, esp. when compared to the group or set to which it belongs
*unique(adjective) : being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusual or special in some way
*express(verb) : to show (a feeling or idea) by what you say or do or by how you look
*impress(verb) : to cause (someone) to feel admiration or respect
*serenade(noun) : a song, usually about love
*wonder(verb) : to want to know something or to try to understand the reason for something
*timid(adjective) : shy and easily frightened
*insufficient(adjective) : not enough
*envy(verb) : to wish that you had something that someone else has

We’ve got married-season 2

This presentation is about a TV program called “We‘ve got married-season 2″ Maybe, many people enjoy this program. In fact, it is the imaginary marital life of the other entertainers as if they were married. The program is very interesting because each couple has a unique individuality and different life sytle. “we’ve got married-season 2” is much more amusing than season 1. In season 1, the entertainers of crown J and SeoInYoung, Andy and solby, Alex and SynAe acted like very real among the viewers. MCs of the program express and talk, watching the acting of the couples as if they talked in place of viwers. Therefore, MCs are the second hero and heroin. Also each couple has time to say their real mind. It makes this program much more real.
We watch the acting of three couples in “We’ve got married-season 2”.

The first is the couple of Jeong Yong Hwa and SeoHyen, Both of them are singers. Jeong Yong Hwa is member of CNBule CNBlue, SeoHyen is a member of Girl’s Generation. The most impressive and rememberable thing was that they sang together at Incheon World Cup Stadium in 29th August 2010. The day was very special beacause it was the 200th day of the imaginary marriage. They sang “The love light” that he wrote the lyric of song himself. That was the serenade in love for her. I thought the day was beautiful and fantastic. After the concert, they wore a school uniform and dated in cafe. The day was very special because it was the 200th day of the imaginary marriage. But this couple seems to be a little awkward. They are young enough for their uniforms to be looked good on them. Maybe most couples might want to have a date like this couple.

The second couple is JoKwon and Gain. . GoKwon is member of 2am, Gain is a member of Brown Eyed Girls. This couple has the longest relationship among the other couples. Many people wondered if they were a real couple, and many views viewers hopes they were a real couple. This couple is called ‘adam couple, because they both are very short. The most impressive scene was that JoKwon gave a couple ring to Gain. The acting which he had hidden the ring in popcorn was very cute. And then they went to couple bungee jump. When they jumped, JoKwon said “I love you, Gain”. This scene was very fantastic. Another special scene was Bali travel. They went to Bali for a wedding photo shoot. Their wedding photo shoot was very beautiful. Especially they made their dress and tuxedo by themselves. While taking a picture, Gain kissed to Jokwon. This scene was very hot issue.
Jokwon was very shy, but he seemed to be very happy. They made a matrix. It made them much more like real couple. Gain was on edge and jealousy. while JoKwon was shameful and timid. But he has a cheerful and gifted skills of making interesting mood. They sang a “We become loving each other”. This song is very hit song. They called each other ‘여보(honey)’.

The last couple is Nichkhun and victoria. Nichkhun is a member of 2pm. Victoria is a member of f(x). Victoria and Nichkhun are foreigners. Victoria‘s from china. Nichkhun’s from Thailand. So they can’t speak korean fluently, but sometimes this situation makes people laugh. They had the first meeting at 63 story building in seoul, where they made the rememberable thing which they will see in the future. But some person who has watched this program stole it. So Nichkhun was very sad and upset. So they locked and hid their lock very strongly in Nam mountain. Nichkhun prepared a very strong lock. It makes him cute! Victoria calls him ‘ father’ and Nichkhun calls Victoria ‘mother’. This couple is famous for prettily loving each other. For example, They fed the food and loved each other, so they made many people envy them. This couple has not been so old since they have started the imaginary wedding. So they don’t have a new marriage house. But soon they could have it because it was the 100th day of the imaginary marriage.

Although it has been 3years since it was first broadcasted on TV, It is still loved by many people. I am a fan of this program. I hope this program will be continued for a long time with love and care.


Discussion Questions:

-Do you want to marry get married while you are watching this TV program? If so, who with?
-Which couples do you envy most of three couples? why?
What do you think is insufficient while watching Does the TV program lack anything?  If so, what is it?

[lack: (verb) to not have something, or not have enough of something]

-Do you want a new C couple? If so, who?

Class #100, Group #3, Kim Ho Yeon, You Myung Han


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