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November 2, 2010

About “Shorten a term of military services”

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– Glossary –

1. underway : (idiom) in motion; progressing.
2. chairman : (noun) someone who presides over a committee, board of directors, etc.
3. agenda : (noun) a list of things to be done or discussed.
4. maintain : (verb) to continue; to keep something in existence.
5. argue : (verb) 〖tr & intr 〗to put forward one’s case, especially in a clear and well-ordered manner.
6. improvement : (noun) something that has been improved or that is considered better than a previous example.

[improve: (verb) to get better or to make something better]

7. reduction : (noun) an act, instance or process of reducing; the state of being reduced.

[reduce: (verb) to make something less]

8. major : (noun) a student’s main or special subject of study.
9. conscript : (verb) to enlist for compulsory military service.

Nowadays, “A term of military services” is hot issue of the Korean national assembly.
The issue first flared up in 2007. In July 2007, five months before the last presidential election, 1) the Roh Moo-hyun administration announced a plan to cut the term by six months by June 2014, from 24 months to 18 in the Army, from 26 to 20 in the Navy and from 28 to 22 in the Air Force, and that plan is underway.

2) But in august 2010, Lee sang woo ,ho who is the chairman of national security review team, diagreed disagreed with that agenda. He said “ To maintain well-trained soldiers, the period of military services must be maintained at least 24 monthes months”. He said “ Also if reduction is complete, confirming excellent officers will be very difficult.”
On the other hands, people that agree this agenda argue that reduction will help men about pressure of military services and in future it doesn’t have to conscript too many soldiers because of improvement of military equipments.”
Public opinion is divided agree and disagree, too. One men who finished army last 3 months ago, said “A term that soldier is well-trained is at least 1 year, so it’s nonsense that reduction a period of military services”. but others don’t think that because during a period of military students can’t study majors therefore many problems happen when students get a job.
It seems that this argument has no answer. What do you think about it ?

References :


– Discussion Questions –

1. Do you agree/disagree about reduction of a term of military services agree or disagree with reducing the length of Korean men’s military service? Why?

2. What do you think about conscription? Is it righr for present condition of Korea right for South Korea, in its present condition? Why do you think so?

3. What do you think about keep a number of soldiers at this time(about 0.6 million) continuously? Is it alright ? having about 600,000 (about 0.6 million) soldiers on duty? Does South Korea need more, or less, or is the number right? Why do you think so?

Class #30

Group 3. 김민기, 장진영, 정주영


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