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November 2, 2010

Addictive Games

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*addictive : [adjective] If a drug is addictive, people who take it cannot stop taking it.
*tactic : [noun] Tactics are the methods that you choose to use in order to achieve what you want in a particular situation.
*attract : [verb] If something attracts people or animals, it has features that cause them to come to it.
*formulate : [verb] If you formulate something such as a plan or proposal, you invent it, thinking about the details carefully.
*settler : [noun] Settlers are people who go to live in a new country.
*Civilization : [noun] A civilization is a human society with its own social organization and culture.
*invade : [verb] To invade a country means to enter it by force with an army.
*fascinate : [verb] If something fascinates you, it interests and delights you so much that your thoughts tend to concentrate on it.

Our presentation is about addictive games. We will introduce three games that are addictive.

1) Football Manager
The first game is “Football Manager.”

The left side picture on the left is main screen. And the right side picture on the right is screen capture in process of a match in progress.
You can be a soccer manager in this game. Also You can make soccer teams and manage it as to your style.
Contrary to existing games which control a player such “FIFA soccer game”, this game is unusual that it observes match as manager and indicates tactics, formations, change of players and so on.
This game has many events.
People are become more and more fascinated with this game more and more when players in my their team become best 11.
Also people look forward to “football Manager”`s new version because this game launch the new version annually.

2) World of Warcraft

‘World of Warcraft (=WOW)’ has many users all over the world.
Why is ‘wow’ such a popular game world wide?
‘WOW’ is RPG [role-playing game] game. In a RPG game is you develop your character. When grow up their character they are satisfied. Also excellent graphic, wide map, various quests is attractive things. But most of all, many systems in ‘wow’.
First, party system is five user group invade in dungeon.
Second, raid system is ten from twenty user group.
Third, PvE (=Player versus Environment) system is user deal with monster in game.
Forth, PvP (=Player versus Player) system is user deal with other player. And you can make war on the enemy camp. Not only these systems but also different factors make people fascinated with ‘WOW’

3) Civilization5
Finally, we will introduce “Civilization5”.

At the start of game, you can choose your country in this game. Then, you will get one “settler” unit and one “warrior” unit. For clear this game, you have to control “settler” unit to construct new structures and “warrior” unit to occupy other country.
Doing If you formulate your strategy and technology, you can get interest in this game. Also, you will be satisfied with world conquest.
Till now, we introduced addictive games. These games have great attractiveness and interest.
So, until now many people enjoy playing these games. In future, addictive games will be made and many people will enjoy it, too.
Thank you

Discussion Question

[1] What do you thing about think are the reasons why people are fascinated with addictive addicted to these games?

[2] Do you like these addictive games? Why or why not?

[3] What game is addictive except these three games are some other addictive games? Why are they addictive?


[class #30]
[Group 7]
김동형 : World of Warcraft, typing
김민중 : Football Manager, Glossary
최지호 : Civilization5, Discussion Question


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