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November 2, 2010

An interesting place of Seoul.

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Residence [NOUN] A residence is a house where people live.
Observatory [NOUN] An observatory is a building with a large telescope from which scientists study things such as the planets by watching them.
Metropolitan [NOUN] Metropolitan means belonging to or typical of a large busy city.
Promotion [NOUN] A promotion is an attempt to make a product or event popular or successful, especially by advertising.
Festival [NOUN] A special day or period, usually in memory of a religious event, with its own social activities, food or ceremonies
Committee [NOUN] A committee is a group of people who meet to make decisions or plans for a larger group or organization that they represent.
Implement [VERB] If you implement something such as a plan, you ensure that what has been planned is done.
Statue [NOUN] A statue is a large sculpture of a person or an animal, made of stone or metal.
Attraction [NOUN] An attraction is something that people can go to for interest or enjoyment, for example a famous building.
Period [NOUN] A period is a length of time.

★The north of a the Han River.

1. Gyeongbokgung [Gyeongbok Palace]
Gyeongbokgung is composed to Gwanghwamun, Heungnyemun, Geunjeongjeon, Gangnyeongjeon Gyotaejeon, Hyangwonjeong, Donggung, Gyeonghoeru, Sajeongjeon.

First, GwangHwaMun is main gate of Gyeongbokgung.
HeungnyeMun is the first gate inside the palace walls at the front. Geunjeongjeon is thorone the throne Hall, such as court officials’ audiences with the king and receptions for foreign envoys. Gangnyeongjeon Gyotaejeon is the palace that king and queen’s living quarter where they carried on his routine affairs. Hyangwonjeong is the garden that was built when Geoncheonggung Residence was built, King Gojong redesigned the palace’s back garden.
Donggung is place that crown prince lived with the crown princess.
GyeongHoeRu was the reception place that cared for foreigners more than.
Sajeongjeon is the council Hall where the king routinely discussed national affairs with his court officials.

2. N sSeoul tower
N Seoul Tower Observatory with the panoramic scenery of Seoul.
” N seoul Tower,” a center of Seoul, a symbol of sSeoul, and the highest place where you can see all the most beautiful scenery of Seoul was established as a Korea’s first total electric wave tower to send TV and radio broadcasts in Seoul metropolitan area in 1969.
Sending and receiving antenna of KBS, MBC, SBS TV and PBC, TBS, CBS, BBS FM sending antenna are equipped at the electric wave tower of N Seoul tower, and 48% of the entire population of Korea watch and listen to the broadcasts through the electric wave tower of N Seoul tower.
N Seoul Tower became a resting place of sSeoul citizens and a sightseeing site for foreigners after It’s opening to the public in 1980.
You can experience new cultural arts with various media art in the mixture of “art of lights” of which colors and patterns change every minute by the lighting of the newest LED technology.

3. Ewha villge

Ewha village became known to be introduced in the [TV program] 1Night and 2Days. Ewha village is located below the Naksan Park. For improving the isolated area’s visual environment, The Public Arts Promotion Committee implemented ‘Naksan Project’ that improve visual environment. About 70 artists participated in project, painted on the wall, stairs and installed statues. As a result, Ewha village become a popular attraction, become a beautiful village.

★The south of a the Han River.

1. 63 CITY
An ocean filled with stories and imagination 63Seaworld
The most exciting ocean performances in the world.
Fur seals, harbor seals, penguins, divers and all forms of aquatic life become a part of the show.
Walk on the water, ride the ocean waterfall and enjoy an intense ocean-world experience.
SeaWorld is fun, joy, real education, enjoy and relax.
SkyArt : The highest art gallery in the world
A cultural venue enhanced with a beautiful viex view of the Han River
The highest art gallery in the world.
Special exhibitions create a range of emotions.
IMAX; A sensational modern cultural complex Korea life 63Art Hall
Large screens, state-of-the-art stage equipment and sound systems combine to create the sensational Korea Life 63 Art Hall
A modern entertainment complex offering movies and cultural performances

2. Lotte World
Lotte world is the biggest amusement park in Seoul. Lotte World is divided largely into two parts. MAGIC ISLAND is the outdoors as a part. There are many rides like roller coaster, gyro drop, bungee drop, swing tree and so on. Especially, Roller coaster called Atlantis is the most popular. Another part is ADVENTURE and the interior. There are many attractions. One of them is a festival. The festival is proud to Lotte World. The interesting Lotte world is located Jamsil station.

3. Seoul National Cemetery
Nation’s Sanctuary

The Seoul National Cemetery is the nation’s sanctuary where the martyred patriots who sacrificed themselves for the defence defense and development of their country are resting in peace. It is also full of the spirit of the whole nation and patriotism which saved the nation in the great crisis.
This national sanctuary is located on a plot of land measuring approximately 1,430,000㎡(343 acres); and, as though shield by a huge folding screen, the area towards the rear is surrounded by the spiritual Dong Jak ridgelines, connecting to Mt. Gong Jak, forming the foothills of Mt. Gwan Ak. Towards the front, the cemetery overlooks the silently meandering the Hangang River.
Enshrined here are the remains of approximately 165,000 patriot martyrs and war dead, patriots who fought for the liberation of the country; men of merit who sacrificed their lives for the development of the country and the wellbeing of the people; soldiers, policemen, and reserved army who died glorious deaths to defend their country in times of emergency, including the righteous army who fought against Japan during the Daehanjeguk Period (1897~1910 in Korea).


* Discussion
How What do you know about Seoul?
Have you ever been to Seoul ? If you go have been there, talk about your experience.
Nevertheless Even though there are many attractions in Seoul, Why do people go abroad to experience interesting things. ? Why?
Where is the another What are other attractions in Seoul ?
What do you think about best of are Seoul’s best attractions?  Why do you think so?

class 30 [Group 6]
Members Name:
Cho kyung mo, Jeong won june,
Sung ki dong


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