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November 2, 2010

dramas about women impersonating men

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* admire[verb] : If you admire someone or something, you like and respect them very much.
* assume[verb] : imagine that it is true, sometimes wrongly.
* spirit[noun] : not physical and that consists of your character and feelings.
* attractive[adj] : a person who is attractive is pleasant to look at.
* disguise[verb] : to hide it or make it appear different so that people will not know about it or will not recognize it.
* debut[noun] : a performer or sports player is their first public performance, appearance, or recording.
* fabricate[verb] : If someone fabricates information, they invent it in order to deceive people.
* heroine[noun] : a book, play, film, or story is the main female character, who usually has good qualities.
* attire[noun] : the clothes you are wearing
* spotlight[verb] : a particular problem or situation, it makes people notice it and think about it.
* conjunction[noun] : two or more things is the occurrence of them at the same time or place.
* impersonate[verb] : If someone impersonates a person, they pretend to be that person, either to deceive people or to make people laugh.
* competition[noun] : [usu the N] The competition is the person or people you are competing with.
* reveal[verb] : To reveal something means to make people aware of it.
* synergy[noun] : [BUSINESS] If there is synergy between two or more organizations or groups, they are more successful when they work together than when they work separately.

These days, dramas about women impersonating men are very popular all over the world. So we will introduce some dramas from Korea and Japan.

[1]The first one, ” Sungkyunkwan scandal” is the most recent drama. The drama was in the old Joseon Dynasty Center, is produced dramas based on the work. ‘Yoon,’ a sick brother, and a tough character named Butler is in trouble because of information the money paid for the examination Instead will come to admire his skill as a King Center, he was sent to. Yun Hee dykes, but for the women saw a civil service examination, assuming it is given away in the spirit of the floor is put in Sungkyunkwan unavoidable.

Finally, the plot of this drama, a woman roughly dykes Watch Center, and undetected in many cases If you think popping seems to be such a drama.
Yun Hee greater the risk for a brother and a woman entered the Center, because it has a beautiful floral beauty seems more attractive. And somehow, because yongha also attracted the usual cute, well-spoken, handsome face, a different type of movie, because it is attracted to look at art seems to be.

[2]The second drama is ‘You are a good-looking man’. The drama is a story that a woman named ‘Ko-beauty’ disguises herself as her elder brother ‘Ko-handsome’ and act as a singer. ‘Ko-handsome’ who is to debut as a singer goes to the U.S.A to have plastic surgery because of its failure. During that period, ‘Ko-beauty’ acts as if she was her elder brother so as to make up for Ko-handsome’s absence. Of course, the rest of the members do not know the fact.
The actors who appeared in drama received attention much. Especially ‘Jeong yong wha’ who was named ‘towel man’ was very popular, actually he made successful debut as a singer. Many people loved ‘Lee hong ki’ on account of his new album. Recently ‘Bahk shin hye’ proved her excellent acting skills through the movie named ‘Sirano love fabricators’. ‘Jang keun seok’ also can be seen again through the drama named ‘Mary is now sleeping out’.

“The first shop of Coffee Prince” is the drama which has been dramatized from an original novel. The story of the drama is the story that a heroine happens to work at the cafe after wearing man’ attire and falls into love with a hero who runs that cafe. [3] It’s the story which reminds me that I can feel happiness even in the small place in life and there is an important person around me who always stays with me. It has spotlighted since there was almost no drama with heroine in man’ attire at that time and all mass cultural contents items in conjunction with the first shop of Coffee Prince got big popularity as well.

Finally, “To beautiful you” is Japan drama in 2007. There is a Original cartoon of this drama. For reference, this original cartoon was made drama as Taiwan version also.
Summary is like this. [4] Mijeuki(미즈키) sees high jump player ‘Sano’ playing high jump in competition on television and gets to like him. Then one day, Sano rescues Mijeuki from a dangerous situation by chance. So he is injured and cannot play high jump. Mijeuki decides to enter a high school of Sano so as to try him to play high jump again. Because, she gets to know that Sano cannot play high jump anymore by her. But the high school of Sano can enter only pretty boy. Eventually, Mijeuki transfer to the school of Sano as women impersonating men. Since then, Mijeuki gets to use same dorm room with Sano. She is great worried. because she should not be revealed her being woman. Anyway, Sano gets to play high jump again due to constant efforts of Mijeuki. Sano gets to love Mijeuki already, although he knows Mijeuki as a men. Of course, there are many episode in between but whole contents is as above.

This picture is one of the original cartoon’s cover.

This picture is ‘Mijeuki’ dressed like a men.

This picture is ‘Mijeuki’ dressed like a men.

[5] Maybe the reason these dramas are popular is capture heart of women and men as pretty boy impression at the same time, also because of risky moments that she can be revealed her identity. Though these dramas maybe can be obvious, these dramas also attracted a lot of attention because of the distinctive material-women impersonating men- whenever these appears. Even so it is not easy to succeed with this material. When each dramas has distinct character, it will be possible to create a synergy effect. For example, in “Sungkwunkwan scandal” case, social limitation of the Joseon Dynasty period that women cannot become successful. In “To beautiful you” case, constant efforts of Mijeuki for that regain lost dream of Sano. Maybe I think newer dramas about women impersonating men will appears from now on.

[Discussion Question]
1. Do you like dramas about women impersonating men? wWhy or why not?
2. Do you think this situation is possible? wWhy or why not?
3. If your boyfriend is women was a woman impersonating men a man, how do would you feel?  Why?


[Class #167]
[Group 6. 곡열리, 박초롱, 우윤경, 이가혜]


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