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November 2, 2010


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Glossary :
* Smart phone : a mobile telephone with computer features that may enable it to interact with computerized systems, send e-mails, and access the web
* Wi-Fi : wireless fidelity
–> a wireless local area network that uses radio waves to connect computers and other devices to the Internet
* Adding : If you add one thing to another, you put it in or on the other thing, to increase, complete, or improve it. Add the grated cheese to the sauce
* Applications(apps) : An application for something such as a job or membership of an organization is a formal written request for it.
a program (as a word processor or a spreadsheet) that performs one of the major tasks for which a computer is used
* Death grip :a flawed antenna design that causes the device to lose reception when touched in the lower left corner ( original meaning – The grip of something dead or dying )


These days, smart phones are very popular. It is enough to say that Apple start this flow. Because, I-phone (made by Apple) is the most famous one in the world. [①] I-phone sold over 1.7million in the world and I-phone sold over 1 million before nine months in Korea.
[②] I-phone have many functions like big screen, free Wi-Fi, fast reaction speed, many adding, etc. But the primary reason is self-service. Self-service is that customers hand-on make service like application(apps). Before I-phone is introduced, there is no such a thing.

[③] Of course, I-phone also have negative function, for example, high price, death grip, inner batteries, no DMB, and complicate A/S. Because of this, compare company’s smart phones are receiving a lot of attention. [④] Samsung Omnia 7 was chosen ten best mobile phones in British, and [⑤] galaxy S sales over 1 million since two months.

I-phone 4 is launched last month and sold 1.7 million in the world. I-phone 4 win defeat the other phone?

References :

Discussion Questions :

① Would you buy a smart phone (like an I-phone)? wWhy or why not?

② If you want to buy a smart phone, what phone do you want? (like galaxy, windows7, I-phone…etc) wWhy or why not?

③ What applications (apps) would you like for your I-phone? wWhy or why not?

④ How improve I-phone’s negative functions can we solve the problems with the iPhone?

(Class #167, Group #4)
박경민 : find Korea news papers, pictures
박지혜 : find Korea news papers, pictures
서 설 : find herald news papers, text translation
신동근 : Grossary Glossary, text, typing


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