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November 2, 2010

Strengths and Weaknesses of Smart Phones

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smartphone [NOUN]: a mobile telephone with computer features that may enable it to interact with computerized systems, send e-mails, and access the web

applications [NOUN]: a computer program that is written and designed for a specific need or purpose

privacy [NOUN]: If you have privacy, you are in a place or situation which allows you to do things without other people seeing you or disturbing you.

antivirus software [NOUN]: a piece of software designed to prevent viruses entering a computer system or network.

operating system [NOUN]: The operating system of a computer is its most basic program, which it needs in order to function and run other programs.

Today many people are using smartphones.
Nicknamed “Smart Phones”,it functions as a cellular phone, television, portable computer, camera, camcorder, navigator, MP3 player and walkie-talkie.
Smartphones had have many advantages. Smartphones easy to use can easily surf the Internet.
For example, Anywhere smartphones can read e-mail and view attachments anywhere and Smartphones to use the applications.

Applications using can be used for delivery Inquiry, navigation, drawing, and Stock Trading.[1]
Also the model of each smartphone had a unique OS (operating system). IPhone of apple is IPhone, Galaxy of samsang android being used.
But smartphones have some weaknesses.
Smartphones are expensive. They are more expensive than regular cell-phones.
So they are have dangerous to in danger from computer viruses. There is no antivirus program was created for smartphones.[2]
They have possibility to dig into private life. If you use applications, you could know other’s location to easy very easily.[3]


1. w Would you buy a smartphones? w Why or why not?
2. w What applications do would you want?
3. i If your boyfriend or girlfriend was chase to used a smartphone to find your location, what would you do?  Why?



[class 167, group 2(우장창, 유일국, 김기연)]


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