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November 3, 2010

Final stage of superstar K2. About Heo gak and John pack.

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advance : [VERB] Go high rank.

–> to move forward to a new position or a higher rank

blues : [NOUN] It is music genre that made africa american.

–> a type of slow, sad music that was developed by African-Americans

range : [NOUN] Voice from lowest pitch to highest pitch.

–> distance from a singer’s lowest pitch to the singer’s highest pitch

potential : [NOUN] If you say that someone or something has potential, you mean that they have the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or useful in the future.

competition : [NOUN] Competition is a situation in which two or more people or groups are trying to get something which not everyone can have.

confront : [VERB] Meet (someone) face to face with hostile

–> to face or oppose boldly, defiantly, or antagonistically

friendship : [NOUN] A relationship between friends

[friend: (noun) someone who you know well and like]

investigate : [VERB] If someone, especially an official, investigates an event, situation, or claim, they try to find out what happened or what is the truth.

pronunciation : [NOUN] The pronunciation of a word or language is the way in which it is pronounced.

[pronounce: (verb) to make the sound of a letter or word]

harmonize : [VERB] If two or more things harmonize with each other, they fit in well with each other.

entry : [NOUN] The people thet take part in contest enter.

–> a person, thing, or group entered into a contest or market

Superstar K2 is suviver an elimination singing contest. Heo gak and John pack advanced to the final stage.
We will explain that.
First, We will explain Their music style. Heo gak is easy to choose many music that he sing. because He has voice with a wide range. on the other hand, John pack is good at sing singing blues and R&B like africa american music. because He is good at singing with rhythm.
Before last stage. John Park and Heo Gark had rival match . Although one of them had to fail, They just prepared to perform a good show for audience instead of competition. They sang JYP’s song “behind you” alternately. After that many people thought Heo Gark sang better than John Park, but judges took up for John Park because they thought Heo Gark sang like JYP‘s singing style. They said ” If you only believe in your natural gift and sing, it will be dangerous your future, so we saw potential and chose John Park” In the end Heo Gark failed the match and John Park won, but John Park felt sorry for this situation as if he failed.
But final match different compared with rival match. Heo Gak gained higher score better than John Park every aspect. So Heo Gak gain a great victory in final match. Nevertheless John Park celebrate Heo Gak’s a victory. Though they were confronted with as competitor, they show friendship.

We investigated Heo gak’s and John pack’s the most well-sung songs in the Superstar K2. Heo gak’s best song is ‘조조할인’. Because it‘s difficult to express in song. But Heo gak sang the song well. Each of the judges gave a score 98, 98, 94, 96. John pack’s best song is ‘Man in the mirror’. Because John pack is an immigrant from the United States. So good pronunciation. and He has a bass voice. Singing voice harmonized the song and thus each of the judges gave a score 96, 95, 98.
Winner of Superstar K2 is Heo gak. And all entry of Superstar K2 is proudly the winner.



Discussion Questions:

Q1.Who do you did you think would advance to the final stage of Superstar K2?
Q2.Why is huh gak easy to choose many music it easy for Huh Gak to sing many kinds of music?
Q3.Why is John back good at singing blues and R&B like africa american music African-American music like blues and R&B?
Q4.What do you think who is better to sing in sang better in the rival match? Why?
Q5.After John Park won, Hhow did you feel about that result ?
Q6.Why different did the final match and rival match have different results?
Q7.Do you have a friend like John Park and or Heo Gark relationship?
Q8.What would did John pack sang sing?
Q9.What is heo gak’s best song that people like Which song sung by Heo Gak is the most popular?
Q10.Who do you like the man that entry of was your favorite entry in Superstar K2?

[Class 65, Group 1: 이경연,이다영,장여울,최믿음]


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