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November 3, 2010

Is smart phone really smart?

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*issue: (noun) topic of discussion
*information retrieval: (noun) the process of obtaining selected information from data stored in a database.
*application: (noun) a formal written or verbal request, proposal or submission
*as you please: (adverb) not restricted by rules
*explore: (verb) to search or travel through (a place) for the purpose of discovery
*omnipotent: (adjective) to search or travel through (a place) for the purpose of discovery
*investigate:(verb)to search or travel through (a place) for the purpose of discovery

hot issue of recent times is smart phones that is an intelligent style terminal which adds the Internet communication and an information retrieval which allow you to communicate and retrieve information on the Internet. these have computer support function in cellular phones They are like cellular phones that have many computer functions. [1]the biggest feature is that the user can establish or remove a application as you please.
smart phones have many functions. [2]

we can explore the Internet so it is possible to send a mail e-mail. Also we can do company affairs, see road maps, find a famous restaurants, and know when the bus comes.[3]

tThe reason which become why smart phones became popular is that we can do things without computer. iIn the past we need to needed a computer to see road map, to explore Internet. It’s a great innovation. only several month ago, we had to go some place that have PC, when we want to do internet. [4] strong point of smart phones is many people can make a call, send a message, enjoy the Internet without charge in the Wi-Fi zone. Wi-Fi means wireless fidelity.[5]

although smart phones have many function, smart phones are not omnipotent. oOne of their weak points is that Iit’s not inexpensive. sSo Tthe consumers feel burden feeling. and there are too many keyboard keys so using is not easy. and screen quality is not good. before everything else Above all, battery consuming life is so quick short.

uUntil now, we investigate about smart phone. tThere are many good and bad things.
sSo what is your choice?

1) wWhat do you think about smart phones?
2) iIf you have a smart phone, why did you buy it?
3) iIf you don’t have a smart phone, why didn’t you buy one?
4) wWhat do you think about the prices of smart phones?  Are they too expensive, too cheap, or just right?

class #65, Group #4 공형석 윤보경 지민수 오영은


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