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November 3, 2010

marriage of Jang Dong geon and Go so young

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1.marriage[NOUN]: A marriage is the relationship between a husband and wife.
2.title[NOUN]: The title of a book, play, film, or piece of music is its name.
3.issue[NOUN] :An issue is an important subject that people are arguing about or discussing.
4.wealth[NOUN] :Wealth is the possession of a large amount of money, property, or other valuable things.
You can also refer to a particular person’s money or property as their wealth.
5.give birth to: produce a baby or young animal.
6.good-looking[adjective] :Someone who is good-looking has an attractive face.

oOur presentation is about marriage of Go so-young and Jang Donh geon.
Go So- young and Jang Dong geon are top Korean stars.

They met while making a movie, and the movie’s title is “¿¬Ç³¿¬°¡”
They are like a couple in a movie and they got married ten years after they first met.
their marriage is a big issue becouse because of their wealth and they are a good-looking couple.

tTheir wealth is more than 900 million dallors dollars.

Go So-youn gave birth to a baby, and the baby will be handsome.
wWe hope that they will have a good future.

1.Do you think that Jang Dong geon and Go So-young’s couple’s baby will be handsome? wWhy or not?

2.Do you think that their married life is good or bad? wWhy or Why not?

3.Who do you think is better looking, Go so young or Jang Dong geon? wWhy do you think so?



[class 65, 5Á¶.¹Ú¹ÌÇâ.ÀÌÁø¼±]


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