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November 4, 2010

Answers to Reading & Writing Exercises

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* Page 104, Exercise 1, Part A

2moro = Tomorrow, Gr8 = Great!, Thx = Thanks, XLNT = Excellent!, ILY = I love you, RUOK = Are you OK?

Part B

It’s easier to say “I love you” in a text message than in a phone call.

Texting is cheaper than making phone calls.

It’s more direct. You can send or get information without having to ask and answer polite questions.

It’s more discreet. No one can hear your “conversations.”

You can use texting in noisy places.

Texting encourages teens to write more.

Part C

1. Most people use texting for personal communication. A few people use it for work.

2. It needs its own language because people need to type fast. It doesn’t use correct spelling or complete words.

3. [see Part B, above, for possible answers]

4. Some people think it encourages bad punctuation and spelling.

* Page 114 and 115, Exercise 1, Part C

1. False. Before Elvis Presley, men wore their hair short/men had short hair.

2. False. The Beatles had long hair.

3. True.

4. False. Some women wore French braids in the ’80s.

5. True.

6. True.

* Page 124 and 125, Exercise 1, Part C

1. [check] “Body and Health”: People will get taller. We will also get heavier.

2. [check] “Body and Health”: Scientists are working on a device to break down fat with ultrasound.

3. [check] “Online … all the time”: Everything around us … will contain devices that connect us to the Internet.

4. [no check] “Automated Homes”: Your “smart” refrigerator will tell you when food goes bad. It will order more food when you run out. The article doesn’t say it will choose food.

5. [check] “Work and play”: Only 20 percent of people will work in an office.

6. [no check] “More brain power?”: By the 2030s, there won’t be any more car accidents.

7. [check] “More brain power?”: Soon computers will become even more intelligent than people.


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