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November 4, 2010


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• grotesquely (adv) ; very strange-looking, so as to cause fear or laughter
• supernatural (adj) ; belonging or relating to or being phenomena that cannot be explained by the laws of nature or physics
• traditional (adj) ; belonging, relating or referring to, based on or from tradition

[tradition: (noun) a custom or way of behaving that has continued for a long time in a group of people or a society]

• flesh (n) ; the pulp of a fruit or vegetable
• scoop (v) ; to lift, dig or remove it with a sweeping circular movement
• arrest (v) : to take someone into custody, especially by legal authority


TRICK OR TREAT! Did you ever hear about the this sentence? [1] In the West, on 31 October each year, children dress up grotesquely and visit door to door to threaten the neighbors to get sweets saying ‘TRICK OR TREAT!’

On the other hand, Adults often throw the party as All Hallow’s EVE. Then what they do at the party? First, they dress up in Halloween costumes to enjoy this day. [2] The costumes are modeled after supernatural figures such as monsters, ghosts, vampires, witches. Or another trend is to wear sexy costumes. For instance, polices, bunny girl, nurse.

And then they enjoy several traditional games(apple bobbing, trick or treat) or do other activities. [3] Other common activities include telling scary stories, watching horror films and carving Jack-O’-Lanterns. Have you heard about the “Jack-O’-Lantern”? A Jack-O’-Lantern is a carved pumpkin. The top of the pumpkin is cut off, and inside flesh then scooped out.

However, be aware, there will be no trick or treating, carving a Jack-O’-Lanterns in South Korea. Since Halloween is not holiday to celebrate. If you show up at someone’s door dressed up as Lady GaGa , you will likely be arrested!

So how do we enjoy the Halloween? Don’t be worry. There are many parties held in clubs and bars. In there, Dress up in fun costumes(or sexy costumes) and go all out on make up! Look out for parties of your choice and enjoy the Halloween! Remember! Don’t be say “TRICK OR TREAT!” in South Korea.


• If you attend the attended a Halloween party, W what do would you want to dress up as?  Why?
• What is the best you want to do in the would you want to do most on Halloween? w Why?

[Class 100, Group 8]


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