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November 5, 2010

Korean Baseball history and 2010 season news

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– missionary [noun]: a member of a religious organization seeking to carry out charitable works and religious teaching.
– disseminate [verb]: to make (e.g. news or theories) be widely circulated or diffused.
– significant [adj]: important; worth noting or considering
– pitch [noun]: an area of ground that is marked out and used for playing a game such as football, cricket, or hockey
– quality start[noun] : In baseball, a quality start is a statistic for a starting pitcher defined as a game in which the pitcher completes at least six innings and permits no more than three earned runs.
– inning [noun]: one of the nine periods that a standard baseball game is divided into.


[1] Baseball is coming came to Korea for the first time in 1905, Japan forced the treaty declared, made it during the time when Korea was a colony of Japan.

American missionaries came to the time of Gillett (gilryetae) and members of the imperial Christian youth group that taught the beginning of baseballl. Gilryetae he found it as a mission to South Korea have played a decisive role in the dissemination of baseball in Korea.

This photo is Korea’s first baseball team, YMCA Baseball Team.

Until the creation of professional baseball in 1982, Baseball was a significant development focused on Korean baseball only had 4 high school baseball tournament teams.
In 1982, Pprofessional baseball was launched only in six openings with six teams. Than At that time, the United States had been playing baseball for over 100 years, more than Japan has launched about 50 years later and Japan had been playing for about 50 years.

At the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games gold medal for baseball in Korea, including Park, the major league dream team for one person to organize, in the final to arch rival Japan as much as 13 to 1, seven times in the game breaks cold the South Korean team, including Park, won the gold medal by defeating Japan 13-to-1.

Adopted by baseball after the Olympics, The 27th Sydney 2000 Olympic Games was a bronze medal.

And last year at the Beijing Olympics 2008, All of South Korea win the game nine times won nine games. And finally, Korea won the gold medal!

Currently, pro-baseball game is divided into 8 different teams.

Lately, after the post-season game, team SK, which is the winner of the Korean season, had a game with Taiwan.

[2] 2010season New record
-Hyeon-jin Ryu

Ryu called as ‘Monster pitcher’.
Ryu had a quality start in 23 games in a row. Also he has a new record, 17K(a strike-out) in 9 inning KBO(Korea Baseball Organization).

-Dae-ho Lee

Before he broke the record, the record was 8 games in a row.
Dae-ho Lee hit homerun 9 games in a row.

[3] Let’s talk about a simple event.
This has happened for the third time from the whole history of Korean pro-baseball game.
Last october second, there was a game between Lotte and Doosan in Sajik baseball stadium.
In the bottom of the sixth inning, a ball hit by the Lotte’s player crushed on a balloon and fall down.
It has stopped the game for a while and been judged as an out ball.
We’ll see a video about it.



Discussion Questions

Have you had Do you have an interest in Korean baseball?  Why or why not?
D What do you know Hyeon-jin Ryu or Dae-ho Lee? What do think about their new records?
Could you say that it is appropriate for judges to decide everything when an unexpected happening occurs Do you think it’s OK for judges to make all decisions when the unexpected occurs?  Why or why not?

[ Class 167]
Group8 송지은 안수진 차보희


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