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November 15, 2010

Unit 11: Appearances

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Page 107.

One student describes one of the people.

The other student tries to guess who it is:

– Jennifer
– Donald
– Andrea
– John
– Erica
– Bruce


A:  She is tall and slender (thin).  She has long, blond hair.  She’s wearing a purple sweater, green slacks (casual pants), and brown high heels (high-heeled shoes).

B: Oh, it’s Jennifer, right?

A: Right.

— — — — —

Page 110.

– He has his hair in a ponytail. / His hair is in a ponytail. / He has a ponytail.

– She has her hair in cornrows. / Her hair is in cornrows.

– She has her hair in braids. / Her hair is in braids. / She has braids.

Other useful vocabulary:

– bangs
– a buzz cut (a hairstyle in which the hair is cut very short)
– frizzy hair (very curly and not smooth or shiny)
– highlights (a narrow strip of hair on a person’s head which has been made a more pale colour than the surrounding hair)
– streaks (a long thin mark which is easily noticed because it is very different from the area surrounding it)
– a perm
– pigtails
– wavy hair
– dyed hair (to change the colour of something by using something called dye)

– dimples (a small hollow place on your skin, often one that appears on your face when you smile )
– goatee
– moles
– sideburns
– pierced eyebrows/nose/lips

Ask each other:

“Do you know anyone who … ?”

If so, talk about that person.


A: Do you know anyone who has a beard?

B: Yes. My Uncle Sejeong has a beard. He is a little old, but very smart. He knows about languages, and he invents things.


Describe the people below.  Talk about as many details as possible.

She has medium-length, blond hair.

She has fair (light-colored) skin.

She’s wearing a green jacket made from frogs.  She also has a frog on her head band.

She’s wearing lip gloss.

She has long eyelashes.

She has bangs.

She has black fingernails.

– He has a beard.

– He’s wearing …

… black-and-white sunglasses.

… a purple-and-yellow jacket.

… a colorful cowboy hat.

He looks like a tough guy.

He has long, brown hair.

He’s wearing face paint.

He’s wearing tassels on his arms.

[tassel: (noun) a decoration made of a group of short threads tied together which is hung on curtains, furniture, etc.]

He’s very muscular.

He has a suntan/tan.

He’s wearing blue wristbands.

He looks a little crazy.

— — — — —

One student describes one of these people. Do not say what they do. The other guesses who the person is.

Some useful expressions:

– looks like –> He looks like a gorilla.

– voluptuous figure –> She has a voluptuous figure.

– looks masculine/feminine –> He looks feminine. = He looks like a girl.
—————————> She looks masculine = She looks like a man.

– is androgynous –> He/She looks androgynous.
= He/She doesn’t look like either a man or a woman.
= He/She looks like both a man and a woman.

– small/big (body part) –> She has a small waist.
————————> He has big eyes.

– square/oval face –> He has a square face.
——————–> She has an oval face.

– toupee –> He has/wears a toupee.

[noun] a piece of artificial (= not natural) hair worn by a man to cover part of his head where there is no hair)

– fashion sense –> She has good fashion sense.
—————–> He has terrible fashion sense.

e.g. Say, “He is very tall.” Do not say, “He is a K-1 kick boxer.”


Discussion Questions:

1. Who’s the tallest person in your family?

2. Who do you take after more, your mom or your dad? How are you alike?

(take after somebody:
[phrasal verb] to be similar to an older member of your family)

3. Do you have a friend that looks like a famous person? Who?

4. Do you think you look like anyone famous? Who?

5. Who is your favorite celebrity*? What does he/she look like?

* celebrity = famous person, e.g. famous singer, actor, movie director, writer, etc.

6. Do you know any twins? Are they identical or fraternal?

(twins = born at the same time)

(identical twins = look the same)

(fraternal twins = look like brothers and sisters)

7. Would you like to have twins? Why or why not?

8. What does your best friend look like? Who is taller?

9. Describe your ideal boy/girlfriend.

10. Would you rather have a beautiful face but terrible body, or a great body but terrible face? Why?


Page 112

Books closed. Listen to the conversation between Lori and Jin Ho. They are talking about someone they know.

1. What did he used to wear? (= What did he usually wear in the past?)

2. What did he used to look like?

3. Where is he now?

4. What does he look like nowadays?


1. He used to wear cargo pants.

2. He used to have long hair and a goatee.

3. He’s sitting right behind Jin Ho.

4. He’s wearing a suit and tie, and he has short hair.


Exercise 1, Part B

1. What do you call them/those

2. what’s his name, what do you call them

3. what do you call it


Page 113, Exercise 2

Possible Answers

1. You mean cargo pants.

2. Do you mean a ponytail? / Oh, I know. You mean a ponytail.

3. You mean freckles. / Do you mean freckles?

4. You mean braces. / Do you mean braces?

5. Do you mean bald? / You mean bald.

6. Do you mean identical twins? / You mean identical twins.


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