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November 1, 2011


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Nowadays, many disasters are happening in the world. So, out group chose to talk about the world’s disasters, such as those that occurred in Japan, Turkey, and Thailand.

First, March 11, a Tsunami struck Japan. Because of that, Japan’s nuclear power plant emitted radio-activity.

Second, a week ago, Earth quake happened in Turkey. The earthquake registered an intensity of 7.3 on the Richter scale. So, many buildings were destroyed and many people died.

Third, recently floods have occurred in Thailand. Half of the country is under water.
So, the government announced emergency measures this incident is still happening. Recently, more disasters are occurring than before. The consequence is that many people die and are forced to relocate. So, we need to find a solution, and give great service to the victims.

Discussion questions
1. What are the solutions to the disasters we talked about?
2. How can we help the victims?
3. Do you think that a disaster will occur in Korea? Why or why not?

1. Emit: it sends something out by means of a physical or chemical process.
2. Radio-activity: a substance that produces energy in the form of powerful and harmful rays.
3. Register: When something registers on a scale or measuring instrument, it shows on the scale or instrument.
4. Incident: something that happens, often something that is unpleasant.
5. Victims: someone who has been hurt or killed.

[Class #29, Group #2, Members: 권기찬, 인상현, 장혜령, 이현상]


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