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November 2, 2011


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We will introduce the beautiful Liancourt Rocks, Dokdo.
[1]South korea administers the islets of Dokdo, whose address is Dokdo-ri, Ulleung-eup, Ulleung Country, North Gyeong sang province.
[2]Dokdo actually consists of Dongdo and Seodo, Dokdo is made of volcanic rock.

[3]Dokdo is rich in natural resources.
For example, it has a lot of gas hydrates, a treasure chest of marine resources, abundant natural gas, oil resources, and coal.
[4]Recently, the korea government established “Dokdo day”, which is October 25.
[5]Dokdo is evidently Korea’s territory, but korea is in conflict with Japan over territorial rights.
south korea government is trying to protect dokdo islet to local investigation and historical survey.

* territorial : (adjective) belonging or relating to a territory.
* volcanic : (adjective) relating to or produced by a volcano or volcanoes.
* abundant:(adjective) existing in large amounts.

1. Is Dokdo the territory of South korea? Why?
2. Why is there a territorial dispute between Japan and Korea over Dokdo?
3. Is the Korean government trying to protect Dokdo?
Why do you think so?

* reference site

* Class 125, Group #5, Group Members:


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