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November 2, 2011

Losing weight & Dieting

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Cardio -[noun] physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process
Weight training –[noun] a kind of physical exercise in which people lift or push heavy weights with their arms and legs in order to strengthen their muscles.
Basic metabolic rate(BMR) -[noun] the rate at which heat is produced by the body at rest, 12 to 14 hours after eating, measured in kilocalories per square metre of body surface per hour
yo-yo effect –[noun] In this process, the dieter is initially successful in the pursuit of weight loss but is unsuccessful in maintaining the loss long-term and begins to gain the weight back. The dieter then seeks to lose the regained weight, and the cycle begins again.
Constitution – [noun] a number of classification systems or typology systems used to empirically or theoretically classify the body shape of a human individual.

Today obesity is becoming a serious problem, so many people try to lose weight and dieting. And almost people choose their way to lose weight and diet that just starving. But just starving without a proper plan is not effective and very harmful.

BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) is the key point of losing or getting weight. BMR is a rate of the calories a person must consume to survive a day. If you have a high level of BMR you might not be fat than a person have a low level of BMR.
Basically BMR is could not changed by personal will. But there is a exceptional element, the muscles. If you exercise, the amount of muscles is enlarged in the same time your BMR is enlarging too. It means that your basal amount of calories that consumed a day is bigger, so that your constitution is changed into not getting weight type.

Just starving without a proper plan seems to effective at first, but the cut weight also have muscles and essential elements. So your constitution and health become worse than before . Eventually it causes ‘yo-yo effect’.

Ultimately the correct way to lose weight is ‘exercise’ include cardio, weight training, and stretching so that enlarge your muscle amount



Discussion Questions
1. Have you ever starved to lose weight? If so, do you think that starving to lose weight is a correct solution?

2. If you have starved to lose weight, or have seen people do that, do you think that you or the people became more healthy?

3. What is the most efficient exercise to lose weight you think? Why?

4. Do you think that weight training could help you lose weight?

Class # 125, Group # 1, Group Members:
조진혁 , 박진우 , 김세영


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